Smoke Signals

Nov/Dec 2011


1. NAF * The Captain shares some words of wisdom & other information....
2. Editor * The North American Frontiersmen Association has found a new editor.
3. Casselman Speaks * Chief Factor shares what he is doing to gather new members.
4. Symbolism & the $1 Bill * Howdy Davis shares Symbolism and the $1 Bill
5. Camp Cooking * Mark Hatfield shares some of his and the Mrs. favorite camp recipes, enjoy.
6. Elmer wants to talk to you * Elmer shares some thoughts about using all your vacation time.
7. Unkwn History of Rev. War * Unknown History of the Rev. War.
8. United States Constitution * The UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION with all of the amendments.
9. Old Books with Bill * Your soon to be FREE Captain is looking at books again.
10. Mr. C. tells us about .... * Many claims about just who discovered South Pass.
11. ALTOIDS are they period * Used as an after dinner mint in the presence of ladies.
12. A September Remembered * Buck shares a canoe trip still remembered.
13. Original Period Items * Original period items used from approximately the 1730's to 1850's and later.
14. Cover CONTEST * The North Frontiersmen Association is entering its 6TH Year of being in business. Some groups gave us six months and we would close our doors. Well to those folks of which some are now in trouble - WE'RE STILL IN BUSINESS & DOING WELL. Starting our SIXTH YEAR we're going to have a contest for the NAF members, here's how it will work.

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