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  Smoke Signals

                May./Jun. '09



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A message from your Captain, Bill Cunningham


Edible foods, foraged and cultivated along camp wares, in this issue he will go over your personal equipage, along with a few personal sources he recommends.

Mike Moore will enlighten you with some rendezvous history, very interesting.

Elmer Doolittle shares an adventure and true mountain tale of hunting Mulies and Black Bear in Colorado.

Buck Conner goes over some basic requirements on making a flintlock work correctly.

100 years worth of collecting, now sold its on the Internet for everyone to enjoy.

Randy Bublitz tells of his experiences with using an outfitter on a canoe trip in Utah.

Our Editor shares a few forgotten words of Thomas Jefferson.

NAF's "Trade Room" - here's the place to sell your period items at no charge to you. All deals are handle by you the seller and your purchaser, we just provide the place to advertise your wares.

A good source of organizations, historical sites, living history settlements, period magazines and web sites.

A list of some of the folks that support and advertise with us.

Here's your reference location for those that supply your needs for this sport of living in our father's foot steps.




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