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We, the North American Frontiersmen, are a new association dedicated to meeting the challenges and enjoying the freedoms of the original American pioneers. We strive to re-learn, practice, and demonstrate the basic skills that our ancestors learned by surviving. We hope in time to reach new standards of authenticity, without losing sight of the fact that we do this for FUN.

Many today yearn for a simpler time of friendship and honor, when folks of like minds gathered to celebrate simple existence under the open skies. This is the primary purpose of the North American Frontiersmen – to return, as often as possible, to a time when people worked together to overcome the challenges of nature, and so learned the meaning of trust and brotherhood.

We are not re-enactors, “buckskinners” or trekkers, we are living in the 21st century, but we are using the skills of those that survived in the hardier times from 1750 to 1843. By using the early methods (skills) to live as did our forefathers, we learn what life was like to the closest degree possible while existing in our modern world.

Stop dreaming about what others are doing. Let’s share information that we have discovered by doing our research. Come and join the fun, get involved with folks of like minds, new or old to the sport doesn't matter. If this is of interest to you contact us and we'll get you started on a new adventurer.


Here are some of the folks from our early years experiencing what you'll be doing in just a short time.

The NAF Starts Here.

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In Jefferson's time the "Pineapple" was the mark of hospitality & friendship. The North American Frontiersmen will strive to display this feeling with its actions to all it meets.

Historical quote the NAF displays in their thoughts and actions.

"If one can't say something positive about another, then its better to say nothing". Benjamin Franklin 1768

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