Those who qualify for Woodsman Membership have reached a major milestone in their pursuit of frontier skills, and are entitled to wear a medallion available only to approved members. You have learned how to carry your own weight on the trail and contribute to the success of the outing.

  • Woodsman membership grants you full participation in all Association activities, including elections and sponsorship. 
  • You should feel ready to take on these challenges, and your sponsorís final responsibility is to certify that you have passed scrutiny and are ready to live up to Association ideals without further supervision or guidance.

During your Apprenticeship, we hope you have discovered the deep bond that forms between those who have met danger and privation head-on and prevailed together. We remind you that our Association stands on three legs - Fellowship, Survival Skills, and Historical Preservation. May you always be willing to carry the flame to other willing prospects.

The specific requirements that you must have accomplished are found in our Bylaws and copied below. However, your Sponsor has been the living voice of the Association, and should have helped you understand and fulfill these requirements in a manner that does you credit.

NAF Bylaws, Article V

Requirements for Woodsman (Regular) Membership

A. To advance from Apprentice to Woodsman membership, the prospect should actively participate in as many events as possible, and the requirements shown below must have been demonstrated to the sponsor's satisfaction before the two-year probation period has ended:

1. Have a complete personal outfit

  • clothing
  • weaponry
  • camping gear
  • traveling gear

appropriate to the time period, local climate, and conditions, suitable for living indefinitely from the land, using authentic tools, materials and techniques.

2. Must have accumulated 15 days of total time in the field, under primitive conditions, in increments of not less than 2 days and 2 nights, including camps in all four seasons of the year.

  1. During these outings, must demonstrate basic survival skills such as procuring sustenance (hunting, gathering and fishing)
  2. procuring safe water
  3. making shelters
  4. starting fires (by at least two methods)
  5. making cordage
  6. cooking for yourself and others (with and without utensils)
  7. field maintenance of clothing
  8. tools and weapons.

3. Complete a journey of 50 miles using methods typical of the frontier. Up to three lesser journeys may be combined, but if so, 75 miles must be covered.

B. To apply for Woodsman membership,

  1. Apprentices must complete a current Application Form, describing when, where, and how they have met each requirement, including any requirements met before the Apprentice's probation, and remit the stated fee.
  2. The sponsors shall forward this report to the officer shown on the application, with their written recommendation for advancement, for presentation to the Council of Elders, who will either approve the application or return it for amendments.
  3. Approved applications are forwarded to the Treasurer, who shall credit fees, assign the next available membership number, notify the member of advancement, and advise about the purchase of a Woodsman Medallion.
  4. The person will then be called a Woodsman (regardless of gender).


SPONSOR: Your signature, below, is your bond that the Apprentice measures up to the ideals of the Association, has fully and willingly demonstrated the ability to survive under primitive conditions, in the company of other members, and is ready to assume full membership as Woodsman.

APPRENTICE: Attach a brief description of your Apprentice activities, showing how you have met each Woodsman requirement. Update your personal information for our Roster, sign the liability waiver, enclose a membership fee of $25, confirm your Sponsorís signature, and send all this to the officer shown at the bottom, who will present this application to our Council of Elders for approval. They will forward approved applications to the Treasurer for deposit of your fees and entry on the Roster. You will be assigned the next available membership number, and advised how to purchase a Woodsman Medallion. Be sure to keep your address current. You should receive your notice of acceptance, or request for further information, within 60 days. Good luck!


NAME __________________________________

CAMP NAME (optional) __________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS __________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP __________________________________

TELEPHONE (optional) __________________________________

E-MAIL (optional) __________________________________

DATE __________________________________


In applying for membership or advancement, I confirm my understanding that Association activities are inherently risky, involving the use of period and primitive tools and equipment, and include dangers from black-powder firearms, livestock, and watercraft used in remote areas that may not offer rescue services. I agree to take full and personal responsibility for my actions, exercising all reasonable precautions to avoid injuring myself or others, and avoiding risks which I do not feel comfortable undertaking. I understand that the Association is not a legal entity and has no assets, and its activities are voluntary gatherings of individuals who assume no legal responsibility for the safety of other members. I agree to provide any and all insurance coverage that I deem necessary to manage my personal risk. I hold the Association, its officers, and property owners who allow us access, free of all liability for injuries that may occur due to accident or failure to anticipate contingencies.

Signed __________________________________ Date ______________________


I attest that the Apprentice named above has fulfilled the requirements for Woodsman as set forth in our Bylaws, and is ready and willing to assume the responsibility of full membership in the North American Frontiersmen.

Signed __________________________________ Date_______________________


The North American Frontiersman does not charge annual dues, relying only on sign-up fees to meet its minimal expenses. It is therefore the responsibility of each member to remain in contact with the Association, either online, via other members or officers, or by mail, and ensure that their address on the Roster is up to date. Otherwise the member may miss notices of events and elections. Members that do not respond to mailings may be marked inactive and may not receive further notices. This situation can only be corrected by the lost member contacting the Association, updating their address as required, and remaining responsive to future notices.


NAF Secretary/Treasurer
Ian Bond
836 Sunnyside Ave.
Santa Maria, CA 93455


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