Those who qualify for Mountaineer have reached the highest membership level in this Association, and are entitled to wear a medallion available only to approved Mountaineers. The activities leading to this degree have been pursued as a full and independent member, and it is therefore the applicantís sole responsibility to explain, in a manner satisfactory to the Council of Elders, how he has fulfilled the requirements shown below.

NAF Bylaws, Article VI

Requirements for Mountaineer (Advanced) Membership


A. To advance from Woodsman to Mountaineer membership, the candidate must demonstrate exceptional qualities of perseverance, survival skill, and leadership, by completing the following requirements.

1. Travel a total of 200 miles using methods typical of the frontier, in minimum increments of 10 miles, each outing to last at least 3 days.

2. Survive four days and three nights alone, procuring enough sustenance from the land to demonstrate the ability to continue indefinitely.

B. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate special skills, experience, and service by completing 8 of the following requirements, choosing at least four outdoor skills from the first 8.

1. Demonstrate saddling and riding a horse, including routine trail care and overnight picketing, using period equipment.

2. Demonstrate ability to pack at least 90 lbs of goods on horse or mule, and traverse at least 5 miles with the animal and pack arriving in usable condition. Goods must be protected from predictable adverse conditions.

3. Demonstrate proficiency in packing at least 90 lbs in a canoe and traversing 5 miles including at least one portage of at least 300 yards.

4. Demonstrate proficiency in packing at least 200 lbs in a period style two or more wheeled cart or wagon and transport load safely at least 5 miles.

5. Using period methods, process enough hide(s) to make one major item of clothing (shirt, pants, coat, dress) or enough for one layer of bedding.

6. Make, at some point, each necessary article of clothing from the skin out, including footwear and at least one hat, as required to survive afield in all four seasons. Materials available during your period of interest may be purchased, but must be hand-sewn by yourself. Candidate is expected to make as many items as possible using materials gathered from nature.

7. Within 30 minutes, hit a 12" target six times at 75 yards using a period muzzle-loading rifle, at 50 yards using a period smoothbore, or at 25 yards using a period bow and arrows.

8. Organize and conduct two primitive NAF events, lasting at least 2 days and 2 nights, hosting a cumulative total of at least six persons. Alternatively organize and host one National NAF event.

9. Organize a meet involving at least 4 members, to demonstrate and practice the skills of a craft or trade useful on the frontier, such as blacksmithing, tanning, tailoring, saddle-making, boat-building, etc.

10. Complete one term of office or serve on a committee or staff position to the Captain's and the Council of Elders' satisfaction.

11. Write and submit a 1000-word research paper to the NAF Research Center, on the life and times of the frontier, which may include lessons learned by actual experience. (Footnotes and a bibliography are required if appropriate to the text.)

12. Submit four reports or articles of any length to the NAF Research Center that are published by the editor and approved by the Council of Elders during their review.

13. Conduct at least three hours worth of educational presentations for the public.

14. Define and complete a significant accomplishment of one's own choosing, that meets the approval of the Council of Elders, as representing and extending the ideals of this Association.



Attach a brief description of your activities, showing how you have met each of the mandatory requirements and the optional requirements you have selected. Update your personal information for our Roster, sign the liability waiver, enclose a membership fee of $25, and send this material to the officer shown at the bottom, who will present this application to our Council of Elders for approval. They will forward approved applications to the Treasurer for deposit of your fees and entry of your new degree on the Roster. You will be advised how to purchase a Mountaineer Medallion. Be sure to keep your address current. You should receive your notice of acceptance, or request for further information, within 60 days. Good luck!


NAME, NAF Number __________________________________

CAMP NAME (optional) __________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS __________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP __________________________________

TELEPHONE (optional) __________________________________

E-MAIL (optional) __________________________________


In applying for membership or advancement, I confirm my understanding that Association activities are inherently risky, involving the use of period and primitive tools and equipment, and include dangers from black-powder firearms, livestock, and watercraft used in remote areas that may not offer rescue services. I agree to take full and personal responsibility for my actions, exercising all reasonable precautions to avoid injuring myself or others, and avoiding risks which I do not feel comfortable undertaking. I understand that the Association is not a legal entity and has no assets, and its activities are voluntary gatherings of individuals who assume no legal responsibility for the safety of other members. I agree to provide any and all insurance coverage that I deem necessary to manage my personal risk. I hold the Association, its officers, and property owners who allow us access, free of all liability for injuries that may occur due to accident or failure to anticipate contingencies.

Signed __________________________________ Date _______________


The North American Frontiersman does not charge annual dues, relying only on membership entry fees to meet its minimal expenses. It is therefore the responsibility of each member to remain in contact with the Association, and ensure that their address on the Roster is up to date. Otherwise the member may miss notices of events and elections. Members that do not respond to mailings and ballots may be marked inactive and may not receive further notices. This situation can only be corrected by the lost member contacting the Association, updating their address as required, and remaining responsive to future notices.


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