A Few Of The Members In 2006

Walt Hayward

Ole Jensen

John Kramer

George Thompson

Bill Cunningham

Ferrell Peterson

Randy Bublitz

Pat Quilter

Ron Archibald

Mike Moore

Howdy Davis

C. J. Allan

Paul Jacobson

Larry Price

Don Keas

Ron Price

Edward J. LaVelle

Buck Conner

Dan Gratner

Ronald Schrotter

Cliff Thatcher

Allan Turner

Ellet Wilson

Harry Carlson

Steve Blades

Jason Peterson

Terry Fish

Zane Roitz

Paul Tidwell

Larry Richardson

Jeff Hengesbaugh

Pat Surrena

Leon Roberts

Ken Smith

Gib Sullivan

Chas Rauch

Andrew Battles

Bob Lloyd

Who's next

Here are a few members enjoying each other at NAF events.


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A historical quote that we the NAF will display in our thoughts and actions.

"If one can't say something positive about another, then its better to say nothing".

Benjamin Franklin 1768

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