The primary purpose of this association is to establish and maintain a practical working knowledge of the history, traditions, tools, mode of living, etc., of the North American Frontiersmen, in the period spanning 1750 to 1843. This period is chosen as a time when individual knowledge, courage and fellowship sufficed to master the challenges of living. Further purposes are to establish and maintain a research archive of information, artifacts, images, etc., in a form that is accessible to present and future generations so that this knowledge is not lost to the species. To further these goals, we intend to maintain an ongoing program of living history, where we learn and teach the skills and help develop the abilities that were needed in frontier life. Further purposes are the promotion of liberty by preserving the right of all free men to keep and bear arms; to help preserve our native wilderness and wildlife by teaching and practicing realistic conservation; to help establish trust and a true bond between our members; to help and teach correct ways to those just starting into this way of life and share our knowledge; to treat anyone showing a genuine interest with kindness and respect, regardless of their membership status.

Association Code

1. I shall at all times consider a persons private life none of my business unless he/she wishes to make it so.

2. I shall at all times strive to be a self-reliant Individual, asking help only if and when it is absolutely needed.

3. I shall at all times consider my word a sacred trust, a bond which is not to be broken.

4. I shall at all times respect the personal property of other members, considering thievery an act deserving contempt.

5. Before entering any camp I shall first make my presence known, then enter only if invited.

6. At any association activity I shall follow the rules set forth by the camp Booshway or I will leave of my own free will.

7. I shall at all times strive to improve myself, my wilderness abilities and my knowledge of nature’s law.



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A historical quote that we the NAF will display in our thoughts and actions.

"If one can't say something positive about another, then its better to say nothing".

Benjamin Franklin 1768

Updated 5/11/2014