NAF Webmaster Advisor Requirements....
The technical skills mandatory for a windows based "webmaster advisor" and the area of expertise required are; his/her skills will be the same as the "webmaster" along with having problem solving skills or knowing where or who to get questions answered and keep the websites working correctly.
Technical skills basics needed:
  1. Remotely accessing and administering the server (TRIPOD).
  2. Understanding and implementing security (not leaving the server left in a logged-on position when finished).
  3. Familiarity with one or two programs tools - HTML or CSS ( we use Windows Front Page 2000 Editor - which does most HTML requirements).
  4. Understanding of standards compliance and knowing how/where to check or validate.
  5. Optimizing databases, stored procedures etc. with this job function.
  6. Getting the most bang for our buck from the web server, understanding performance issues (size of files, photograph size, etc.).
Level of expertise required will really depend on the person's creativity and knowledge of websites (what they want this site to look like). Ideally you need a person willing to learn much of the above items mentioned. So how important is the site to you, how large is it (traffic)?

Final #35 10/10/2011

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