3rd  QUARTER 2016



Bents Fort activities for 2016 -

September 17 - Hispanic Heritage Day

Dec 2,3 - Bent's Traditional Christmas Celebration

I hope folks have had the opportunity to get out on the ground this year. Please send a short description of your adventures for inclusion on this page.


June 4 and 5, Bent's Old Fort in Colorado held their Fur Trade Encampment. Saturday was the big day at the fort, we had 675 visitors. I worked in the carpenter shop building a prototype of a bellows that is small enough for the fort's  rooms fireplaces. I a d 2 interactions worth reporting. I was ripping a 8/4 piece of wood so that I had 2 4/4 peices still joined at the nozzle end. The board was about 10 inches wide so it was taking a while. I was sawing away when a dad ans his son, about 10 years old came in the shop. The dad said to the boy, that his grand dad built his house using a saw like I was using, a cross cut and  hammer. The boy couldn't believe the granddad didn't use a circular saw. I asked the boy if he wanted to try ripping the wood. He said yes. I took a little bit to get the wood positioned so he could saw comfortably. After a few minutes I repositioned the wood for him to cut from the other side, he continued to work a lot longer than I expected. His dad finally told him the he didn't need to complete the cut. So he stopped. If he comes back, I'll build a box he can stand on to make it easier.

Later I was attaching the leather to the side of the bellow. A little girl came in and after watching me a bit, asked me if it was going to work, I still had about 5 inches to tack down, but said I didn't know so I worked the bellows and she was standing in front of the nozzle, got a "blast" of air the blew her hair back. Not sure who was more surprise, her or I that it actually worked.


Sunday the fort held the walk on the Santa Fe trail, with the oxen pulling a freight wagon and the Dearborn being pulled be horses. The folks walked along side for about 3 miles.








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