4th QUARTER 2015



Carpenter's report of the Fur Trade Symposium held at Bent's Old For this Sept.

Upon returning from a lumber cutting trip up river, I found that the fort's factor had provisionally hired Gerald, an itinerant cabinet maker from Louisiana. I spent the rest of day conferring with

Mr. Holt concerning the projects for the woodshop as he had a trip starting the next day to Sutter’s Fort. Gerald did not feel comfortable interacting with the expected travelers so we decided he should just work on a replacement table for the clerk's room. Gabe was given the task to build a replacement for the checkerboard the “gentlemen” had broken. I was to work on the wheel stand.


The next day, work was going well even though we had a lot of travelers visiting us. Gabe milled the board for the chessboard and mixed some white and black milk paint. I started cutting tenons for the stand. We had some walk in work, such as finishing a set of stirrups for Mr. Crawford, sharpening knifes for the laborers, etc. Gerald and I visited the hunter/trapper camp delivering the stirrups to Mr. Crawford..


The fort provided the usual rations but there was also a traveling group of cooks who provided a light meal in the evenings. Also the domestics provided a fresh hunk of meat and some Mexican cheese for Saturday’s breakfast. Danette was cooking outside the laborers quarters, so we ate really well. The night before most folks’ outward-bound journeys started the visiting cooks served an outstanding meal of buffalo, corn pudding and scallop potatoes.


The next day as everyone was packing for their respective trips, Gerald was putting the final coat of paint on the table and finishing 2 spoons the domestics had requested. I recommended to the Factor that we hire Gerald.







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