4th QUARTER 2015

Territorial Chief Factor

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Hola Friends.  (Hola means Howdy in Espanol, I think)
Over a long weekend in early November, a group of about a bakers dozen of NAF members met at Don Morgan's ranch outside of Tehachapi, California for a NAF doin's. (Doin's is mountain man talk for gathering or rendezvous, I think.) Anyway,
there was good weather, good fellowship, good food, and other good stuff . (The kind of stuff that makes a doin's into a prime, shinin' time.) This one was of the prime, shinin, type. There was some tomahawk and knife throwing. There was some arrow throwin'. There was some lead throwed. The most important thing was that there was a good time had by all.
I would like to extend a big Gracias, (means THANK YOU in Espanol) to Don for his hospitality.
Nothing further is planned for 2015. I hope there will be several events in 2016. 
I would like to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday season, from my heart.
Take good care, my Friends.


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