3rd QUARTER 2015

Territorial Chief Factor


My Friends,

Once again I am tasked to report to you the activities and events of the members of the North American Frontiersmen.

This task becomes increasingly difficult as I receive virtually no information from "Alla ya'all." I hope you are having a good summer and managing to stay cool, at least if you live in the West. It would be great to hear from some of you. I do not believe I have ever read much about techniques the "originals" used to combat heat. I believe they were more hardy than we are today, and were able to withstand both higher and lower temperatures without as much difficulty as we do today. However, there comes a point where inner resources are not enough and ingenuity must be called upon. I remember reading that Jedediah Smith returned to his comrades in the desert after leaving them and finding water. I seem to remember that he carried the water back to them in his hat, and that he found that they had buried themselves in sand to stay cooler. There is also a long-going debate as to the use of canteens by the Mountain men. Some say there is little documentation as to the use of water containers by the Mountaineers. I know they had no methods of purifying water as we do today. The closest thing is probably straining water through a cloth.

So, if any body out there is looking for a summer project, perhaps an article on how the early Mountaineers cooled themselves in hot weather. Or, perhaps a discussion on the use and types of portable water containers. I look forward to learning from your submissions. Please send them to Jim Harsh, the Messenger editor, Captain Tom, or myself.

Good luck. See you on the trail.

George Thompson

Chief Factor

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