3rd  QUARTER 2015


Good evening in NAF brothers and sisters, 

We may have found another Private property to be able to enjoy some of our encampments on. Unfortunately we have not received the second letter yet so I cannot say for sure about any of this at this time. Keep checking this post every so often because I am going to have Jim update this once the letter comes in and we can give more details. I hope you are all doing well are getting on the ground and hope to see you at Hollister in November.

I hope you all are doing well getting on the ground. And as always if you have any ideas or know of land we can use PLEASE let me know. I thank you all for your time.

Update 8/1/2015

Good morning NAF brothers & sisters,
Great news for the NAF we now have another place to go in CA. NAF brother Don Morgan 
has generously offered his land for us to have encampments on. Shooting is allowed as 
well as fires so we can have a great time. Chief Factor George Thompson has done all 
the leg work and got this set-up for us. He has written Don about sending a map to his 
place for those of us that have never been there. His land is located in Tehachapi CA. 
I will send out another email with the map as soon as I get a copy. I was so excited 
about having another place to go that I wanted to get this out to you now. One of the 
best things about Don's place is that it is fairly centrally located so we are hoping 
to get more members to show up. Anyways I hope you are all well and look towards seeing 
you there. I thank you for your time.                     
                      See you down the trail  your friend and brother  
                               Tom "2 cords" Casselman  
                    North American Frontiersmen NAF#123

Update from Facebook 8/1

Good evening to my NAF family,
I am posting this so that they're is no confusion about the email I sent out in the wee hours of the morning. The NAF yearly gathering we be held this year at Don's place not at Hollister as originally planned. But it will be on the same date as we planned for Hollister that way no one has to change any dates. We feel that we will have a better turnout because it is more centrally located. All those planning on coming please email me and I will send you a map of how to get there. More info to come and I thank you for your time. Tom 2 Cords Casselman NAF#123 Captain

Gathering is scheduled for Thursday Nov. 5 - Sunday Nov 8




We have $1625.43 in the bank. .......

Thank you for your time.

Ian Bond, 

NAF Secretary/Treasurer
Ian Bond
836 Sunnyside Ave.
Santa Maria, CA 93455


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