3rd QUARTER 2014

Territorial Chief Factor

Hello Friends,

A bit more to report this time. We had a Rendezvous at the Hollister site in late July. The weather was warm, but not intolerable. A group of us were hanging out under a big oak tree, telling lies, oops, I mean stories, when Ellet Wilson casually mentioned that he had spied a snake meandering across the meadow, minding his own bidness, actually. Well, the bugle was sounded and the chase was on. Captain Tom grabbed his pistola, Ellet grabbed some sharp pointy thing, and other weapons came to hand. The snake never had a chance. The hapless reptile was summarily dispatched, skinned, gutted, and prepared for dinner therein. 

I am continually blessed to be able to learn from Friends such as Captain Tom, Ellet Wilson, Christopher Ayres and his lovely bride Thessa. Captain Jack Swallow was on the ground as well. Good Doin's.

Election time is growing nigh! Captain Tom has graciously consented to extend his tenure as our Chief Executive for another term. I will throw in my hat for an elected term as Chief Factor. An official notice will be sent out soon, so keep eyes open.

As always, please help us try to find locations to hold our camps. I know this is especially difficult with the extreme drought conditions that we are experiencing in the far West, but we really need your help. Our needs are simple. A tract of land where we can camp, shoot and have a campfire. Secluded enough where we do not bother folks and private enough for us to be comfortable. 

My Friend Jay Webb is busy signing up new members in the East, as well as scouting out possible rendezvous sites in his part of the country. 

In the words of the Captain, "I thank you for your time."

George Thompson

Acting Chief Factor, NAF

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