3rd QUARTER 2014


Hello brothers and sisters,
It is that time again that rolls around ever 3 years. This is a election year, so those of you that would like to run for any of the 3 offices, Captain, Chief Factor or Secretary /Treasurer please let me know so we can get you on the ballet.

Here in CA we have almost come to a complete halt do to the drought. We need to find more privet land that we can use or we are going to be up a creek with out any water. Many of the events that I had planned for this year fell though do to lack of rain. I am really hopping to be able to have them next year if we can get some rain. Some of these planned events are a deer hunting camp, quail hunting camp, wild pig hunting camp and a bison hunting camp. As well as a 3-5 day horse ride.

Back East N E Factor Jay Webb is working like heck to get things going on out there and has plans for more encampments so those of you out his way should keep in touch with him.

I hope you all are doing well getting on the ground. And as always if you have any ideas or know of land we can use PLEASE let me know. I thank you all for your time.




We have $1625.43 in the bank. .......

Thank you for your time.

Ian Bond, 

NAF Secretary/Treasurer
Ian Bond
836 Sunnyside Ave.
Santa Maria, CA 93455


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