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4TH Quarter 2013

Broadside Editor


This year we made our usual trek to the wiles of Wyoming. Every year I threaten to write an article about the experience. Well even though I am a bit late, I am going to let everybody know what a good time you can have over Labor Day in Fort Bridger Wyoming.

Yes the “Rendezvous” is not strictly period and you could call it the ultimate pork-E-doo if you were so inclined (ask George, when you see him about the term), but I’m here to tell you that all that put aside, it is still a bucket of fun and there is a lot to see and do there.

They generally have between 3,000 and 5,000 people show up, between the people who camp in the fort area and those that bring their tin tee-pee's, and the “straights” that pay to come in the gate.

There is an ongoing battle between the State Historical people and the Rendezvous organizers. The Voo people would rather not have the public. Course, if you kept them out you would have no vendors because they spend lots of money. The Historical people would rather not have the Voo people stomping around on their newly uncovered archeological foundations of the original buildings. Course the Voo is the 2nd biggest money maker in the whole state, so they both need to chill in my humble opinion. My pictures were taken by my friend Dean McCoy (a professional photographer, who will probably be pissed when he finds out I published these) and they are from a few years ago. Part of the problem is we have been going for almost 10 years and the number of things I take pictures of has diminished (how many pictures of the fur vendor do you need?)

Here you see some of the vendors on the sides of the road. Multiply these by about 20 and you will get an idea of how many vendors are at the Voo. Also that’s the fort museum in the background.

Lots of different people doing a lot of different things

The grounds have ,many different buildings that served many functions over the years. Interesting to read the plaques about each one.



I don't think Tom would look too bad in one of these. Sorry, I got nuthin to say here.
Culture, exotic dancers, how cool is that! Some Serious work went into this.

A few more shots of things that go on at the Voo. Hopefully I will see some of you there next year.



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