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4th Quarter 2013

Territorial Chief Factor


Greetings Friends!

I have been privileged to get “on the ground” with my NAF Brothers and Sisters several times in the last few months. Our National Rendezvous was held on the Ford Ranch near Hollister, California. Approximately a dozen members were able to attend, including Jay Webb and a guest, who flew in from Ohio for the event. There was shooting, tomahawk and knife tossing, archery, much eating, and even more story-telling. Dickie “Pil” Bresslin won the archery contest, somehow edging out Captain Jack Swallow and Yours Truly. Surely a case of beginners luck!!

Our Fall camp was held at the Apache Canyon site near New Cuyama, California. This event was lightly attended except for the little black flies which were there in great abundance. Our primary competitive events consisted of numerous versions of how many flies could be offed in a minute, the most innovative primitive fly-swatter, and the ever popular “best bug repellant” contest which was won by Randy Bublitz. The archery contest at this event was won by new member John Sanders. These new guys sure are lucky! One of the reasons for the lack of attendees was that this camp was a “cold camp” (no fires and no shooting) due to a fire ban set by the U.S. Forest Service, which kind of brings up my next topic.

It appears that these fire bans are becoming more and more common during the summer months in nearly all of the Western states. It has been common practice for many years for buckskinners to schedule their rendezvous’ on Forest Service, BLM, or other public lands. Usually all that is needed is a permit issued by the governing entity. However, it is becoming more and more common for the powers to issue fire bans at critical times during the year to reduce the possibility of wild fires. Therefore, the question is where can we camp, shoot our muzzleloaders, and have fires for cooking and camaraderie. The answer is that we need to have our events on private property, where we can responsibly shoot and have our beloved campfires. However, this is easier said than done. Most land owners are understandably justified in denying access to groups like ours. The NAF has no liability insurance of any kind, which makes things even more difficult.

The answer to these bedevilments is for members to actively scout out private land that the owner will allow us to use. About all we can offer are our assurances that we are responsible stewards of the land and that we will use every resource possible to limit possible problems. (i.e. water buckets and shovels at every fire ring, signed waivers, etc.) If we don’t get use of some private areas, we better get used to having “cold camps.” Susy Epperson is actively looking for a site for our 2014 National in Utah. We need more members looking, talking, and reporting possible sites to the Captain.

Until next time,

George “Short Step” Thompson, NAF#5, Chief Factor.


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