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4th Quarter 2013


Good day NAF brothers and sisters,
I hope all is well and that you are getting up to the hills and getting on the ground.

I would like to start by saying that I would like to have the 2014 National event held somewhere other than Calif. this year. Susy Epperson and Ferrell Peterson were not sucessful finding us a place in UT. We should thank them for their time and effort in helping. A location in Wyoming became a possibility recently, this is being investigated currently. If ANYONE knows of a location, let me know, please!

For those of you that do not already know I have appointed Dan Miller to be the Western Regional Factor. So if any of you in the west have any ideas for him such as place for encampments or the likes please contact him at

Jay Webb from OH who just sent in his paperwork will be taking over as the NE Regional Factor. Jay is highly motivated and will be on the ball. Jay is the Apprentice that came to the 2013 National event in CA all the way from OH and finished up his requirements. He has 2 AMM members in OH that want to join us that he will sponsor once his paperwork gets approved by the Counsel of Elders. So I would say he is moving right along with getting the East back on its feet, and his 11yr old son Little Jay is to be brought in as a Ranger. So that is 3 new members that he is bringing in before while he was an Apprentice. So are hats are off to you Jay and thank you for your efforts.

UT is one of the states with a lot of members and is one of the least active states in the NAF.We are looking to get a Factor for UT that will make things happen. If you are from UT and can do the job or know some one that can PLEASE let me know.

And as far as us here in the active state of CA me and Chief Factor George Thompson are still working on the 3-5 day ride which we only have room for one more if you are interested.

I have been working with Dan Miller the Western Factor on some hunting encampment such as rabbit, quail, pig, deer and buffalo. So if any of you are interested in joining us in any of these let us know and lets have shinning times.

Well I guess that is it for now brothers and sisters, so lets get active and make stuff happen.







As of today (Oct. 9 2013), we have $1475.47 in the bank. We also have another $50.00 pending from two new applications. Just waiting on final words from the council of elders. 

Thank you for your time.

Ian Bond, 

NAF Secretary/Treasurer
Ian Bond
836 Sunnyside Ave.
Santa Maria, CA 93455



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