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3RD Quarter 2013


'Messenger' Editor


Cheyenne Speaks to Children


Received this notice from the North House Folk School. If you're interested and attend let us know your thoughts.



Sept. 19th - 28th North House Folk School has contacted us about their upcoming Trade Gun Class.



Buck Conner provided a very nice surprise for this encampment of  donated wares. For those of you that missed this event, you missed a good one and a chance to possibly collect some accourtrements for your kit. 

The articles were offered for sale at the 8th Nationals, those items that didn't sell were used for prizes for several shooting events. The NAF not only collected $$$ funds deposited to our account plus we had some great prizes for different events. A Plus - Plus win for the North American Frontiersmen Association. Thanks Buck...

See his "Accourtrements Store" at:

See ya next issue - Later


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