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3RD Quarter 2013

Broadside Editor

2013 Nationals

Once again I made the long trek, near the town of Hollister California for the NAF yearly National Encampment. And I must say that just like every other encampment I have attended, this one was also a bucket of fun.

I never seem to be able to learn my lesson, but last year when Tom asked if anyone could do a demonstration at the Nationals, I opened my big trap and said I would. I also said that, being a woodworker, my demo would be woodworking in nature and that I wasnít positive if anyone would be interested, since it had nothing to do with buck skinning/Survival/trapper era skills. He said he thought it would be of interest and I didnít believe him. So I asked at each following encampment and George and others said, they also thought it would be of interest. So I hauled my lathe to central California and I must admit they were correct. Those attending did in fact seem to be interested

(or just polite and good actors, Iím not sure which)

The other half of the demo about historic wood turning on a lathe, is "what about the stuff that doesnít work/fit on the lathe" For long pieces such as rake handles for example, you canít turn on the lathe, but you can shape them using a shaving horse.

As it happens, Tom needed a couple of ram rods that were tapered at the end, so the deal was made, he supplied the Hickory, enough for both of us, and I would shape the ram rods using the shaving horse. Worked out well for both of us.


I am rather reluctant to tell you about the shooting competition. Manly because I did so badly. But I do have all the standard excuses to fall back on; new gun, not much practice shooting black powder, blah blah blah.

Jim here won. Course he had a rifle and the rest of us had smoothbores, so we can take comfort in that. Everyone else hit 5 out of ten, except me, I wonít say how bad I did, just read the above excuses again and leave me alone.

George, Jack and Dick had a archery contest. Dick won but I did overhear a bit of grumbling. Now sure what the excuses were, but Iím sure they werenít as good as mine.

I have to mention Buck Conners. Even though he wasnít able to make it to the encampment he send Tom out with a load of very cool stuff. He donated sewing kits and cooking kits and many other kits and objects, with the sole purpose of raising funds for the NAF. After we all purchased the items we wanted the rest were to be used for prizes in the contests (I even got a prize, which I was very happy about)

Just a note. If you didnít make it because it was a long way from where you should be ashamed, Jay lives in Ohio and HE made it.




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