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3RD Quarter 2013

Territorial Chief Factor


Greetings, my Friends

It has been an interesting Summer for the NAF, at least here in California. We actually had two Winter Camps, and no Spring  camp, so I think it all averages out. Once again, we camped at Apache Canyon,  near New Cuyama. Both were fine doin’s with approximately a dozen members showing up.

The National was held at the Ford Ranch in Hollister, California. Again, about a dozen members attended. The biggest impediment to finding sites seems to be the ever growing problem of fire bans. Please continue to look for suitable sites and if a place is located, remember that our needs are simple. It needs to be reasonably remote, have wood, water, and a place to shoot.

We were graced at the National by a new member, Jay Webb, who travelled from Ohio to join us. The  kind of commitment shown by Jay is inspirational to me. I am looking forward to getting to know him  better. He is engaged in hunting for a suitable site in his area for us to have encampments.

 I cannot stress the importance of this to our organization. When Jay locates a site, I am willing to show a similar dedication as he and take a road trip to the mid-west. A few guys car pooling can make that  type of trip pretty economically.  On the same note, the Captain informs me that he has a line on a potential site in Utah for us to hold our 2014 National Rendezvous. Again, a car pool situation is a good way to make this kind of trip. I have done it many times and those trips hold some of my most cherished memories. 

Our membership continues to grow slowly, but steadily. The growth seems to be,  as usual, mainly in California. It would be gratifying to me for us to gain a few new members East of the Mississippi. We need to balance out our membership, East and West, a little better.

That is about it for this report.

Remember, “Keep your eyes on the skyline, and your nose to the wind.” WAUGH!!

George “Short Step” Thompson, Chief Factor, NAF #5





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