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3RD Quarter 2013



 Greeting NAF brothers and sisters

I will start off by saying that the 2013 national event in Hollister went about how I had expected. With the last minute change from CO to CA we lost a few but gained some that were not going to CO. and had last minute cancellations. Yet we did have some out of state folks show up, Jay Web was the one that came from the farthest as he lives in Ohio.

I must send out a thank you to Becky Ford, Jack Swallow and Buck Conner. Becky who at a moments notice allowed us to hold our encampment on her ranch.
 Jack was the one that dug the hole for the hooter (in ground that is hard as rock and in 90% heat) cleared the area for our group cook/camp fire and pretty much got the area ready and made it a fire safe area as it was real dry there.
 Buck sent me
several things from his Accoutrement shop web link
Some were to be sold and the money donated to the NAF and the rest were to be given out as shooting and archery prizes. On behalf of the North American Frontiersmen we thank you three for your generosity with your land, time, labor and gift donations.

The weather as it turned out was a touch hotter then the weather channel claimed. Instead of the promise of the highs in the mid 70s
we found that high 80s to the mid 90s was the case. Most of us hid under a huge oak tree at the hotter parts of the day where Dan was making ram rods and others were telling stories of other encampments and talking of future events. Right behind that big tree was a sizable squirrel town and since this is a working cattle ranch we thought we would help out Becky (the ranch owner) by removing some of these little pests. After a few shots they learned to stay just out of smooth bore range when shooting shot. But I know that Jay and I each removed a few, I know that others also helped but do not know if or how many they may have gotten. We were also given the go-a-head to harvest as many wild pigs as we could while we were there. I seen a few when I got there on Tuesday but there were way out my range 300 or so yards away. I know that many of us were talking about going on a hunt for them but I feel the heat may have changed our minds. Although Ron and Leroy did take off one morning for a while, I can not remember whether they went hunting or just having a look around. Either way they did not see any pigs.

 I left real early Saturday morning around 1 AM after my dog Jane got sprayed by a skunk.Since most everyone else was leaving on Saturday, I did not see the sense in fighting with my smelly dog to stay off my bed when I should have been sleeping.

Dan brought some pre-1800's wood working stuff, Dan wrote more about what he had so I will let him tell it.

I would also like to congratulate a former Apprentice of mine Dan Miller, who has just finished all his requirements. The Counsel of Elders has approved his paperwork and was given the degree of Woodsman and membership number 130. And I believe Jay Webb is hot on his tail and should be turning in his paperwork very soon as well. Jay is going to bring in his son as a Ranger and sponsor him once he gets his Woodsman degree. The photo is of my 2 Apprentices, Dan, myself, and Jay who will be the newest members of The North American Frontiersmen.

I guess now that CO is having more than its share of wildfires. I think that we will not try next year to have the national event there. Susy Epperson has found a possible spot in UT and we shall see how that works out. In the meantime if anyone else knows of a place please let me know, after what happened this year I feel we should have a plan B and even a plan C if our first choice spot gets canceled.

I am still working on a 3-5 day ride as well as that buffalo hunt I brought up last year. I will keep you all up to date as it gets worked out. Until the next issue of the NAF messenger, get on the ground as often as you can and have fun. 


Keep your nose to the wind and your eyes along the skyline.





As of June 7 2013 we had a total of $1675.47.

On June 8 2013 a cash withdrawal of $250 was made to cover the usage agreement for the ranch in Hollister CA during our NAF nationals. Bringing the new balance to $1425.47 

Buck Conner donated goods to sell with proceeds to come back to the NAF. These sales raised $ 50. Thank you Buck. 

New balance $1475.47 

Out of this $1475.47, we owe Dan Miller $7.07 to cover the remainder of his reimbursement for the cost of his various duties. ( mailing, etc). We owed Dan a total of $32.07 ( I have receipts) however Dan also just applied for Woodsman. We deducted his $25 fee from the $32.07 owed for the sake of simplicity. 

Grand total remaining after all is said and done. $ 1468.40

Thank you for your time.

Ian Bond, 

NAF Secretary/Treasurer
Ian Bond
836 Sunnyside Ave.
Santa Maria, CA 93455



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