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1st Quarter 2013





Happy new year! Hope you all had a great holiday season. I personally had a very strange thing happen.

A rather famous (among other woodworkers) author/lecturer/hand tool woodworker sent me an e-mail and asked that I sing a song that he could put on his web site. The song was written in 1825, so it’s completely period for you to listen to (if you have a trapper era computer to download it) It’s from a play so I sang with that in mind.

Looking forward to as many of you as can, come to the winter encampment.


Report from the fort:

Larry Hall and I decided to hold a fire making camp last Easter. We decided that it would be the last of June. Due to personal schedule problems, we rescheduled for the weekend after Independence Day, but by then, the entire state of Utah was up in flames. The blanket fire ban was in place without any relief in sight. We decided to reschedule in late October. We had originally arranged to hold the camp on private property, but as the time got closer, the owner changed their mind. We ended up holding the camp at Ft. Buenaventura. It went well. We had several attend. Ferrell Peterson, Larry Hall, Larry Price, and Ole Jensen. Flint & Steel is our standard way to start fire. We also started with a bowdrill. We worked on fire plow and handrill. We'll continue to work on that last two. We came close, but not close enough.

Ferrell aka "Otter"

NAF #007


So we now have a date for our next encampment which will be a winter one so any Apprentices that need a winter encampment this is one for you. And as with the summer encampment all NAF members are invited. This as with the summer encampment will have the same primitive rules. If you have any questions about the rules or guests or about this encampment in general please contact me contact me. it will go from Thurs. Jan 17 to Sun Jan. 20 You are welcome to come early and stay as long as you wish.

Also you can bring guest(s) that are interested in seeing what we are about and may be interested in joining us. Just remember that you are responsible for your guests actions and to make sure that they are properly outfitted with gear, weapons and so forth.

If you are going to bring a dog let me know before the encampment and make sure that the dog will either be leashed or tide as one of my dogs does not get along with any other animals other than the ones she was raised with. She is fine with folks but not any other animals Unfortunately I have no choice but to bring her since no one will watch her as they do my other dogs, so if any other dogs are going to be there they all must be under control not just mine, I will not have her tide up so yours can loose......NO exceptions

NOTICE: to all Apprentice's: Please bring some sort of a journal so you can write down the where, when and how, of doing your requirements.

NOTICE to EVERYONE: Jack rabbits are everywhere in this area most of the time so if you have a hunting license have fun if not then be careful. I have had many many encampments here and rarely do you see anyone, in the years I have camped here I have only once ever seen a ranger and never a game warden....But you just never know.

This is a primitive camp only ! All primitive rules will be enforced. If it was not available from 1750-

1843 it is NOT allowed in this camp. The only exceptions are:

A) New Apprentice's that are still getting their gear together may wear what they have as long as it somewhat resembles period clothing. We even may have extra stuff that might fit should the need be, but no guarantees.

B) If for whatever reason we cannot setup camp with-in a reasonable walking distance to water, then non period containers may be brought but must stay out of the camp. This does not mean hidden under a blanket in your shelter, this means left in your car, away from camp. Out of site is not out of camp !

C) Any medical stuff that you need to stay alive or move about is permitted.

Some of the things NOT allowed at this camp are: Really? If you don’t know…look at last time

We strive to be the best of the best, and the only way we can be the best is to do it right to the best of our abilities. It is up to those of us who are sponsoring Apprentice's to teach them the proper way that things where done and what was used and how it was made. We want it to where if Alfred Miller brought his sketchbook through our camp it would just like the one he did in 1838 and not as some bring what ya got camp out.

I need to hear from those interested in joining us at this encampment so I can give you the exact dates and driving directions. If you cannot make it or if you don't like the rules don't worry about emailing me to tell me. Please I just need to hear from those who are coming so it will cut down on emails I have to read.

There is no charge to get into this encampment and even though it is on forest land no adventure pass is required. I thank you all for your time and hope to see you there.

And there are NO hooters, but shovels are available. After all come on folks we are mountain men and women not the Campfire girls !!

Captain Tom ...

Same Editors Note as before If you have a computer or can get to one, check out the July/Aug issue of the Smoke Signals and see the kind of big fun we had at this site on our Summer encampment. As the biggest dummy out there, I can verify that there is tons of information to share and lots to do.



2013 "8th Annual National Encampment"

Now is the time to start planning a year in advance to make this one in Rye, Colorado.

11th to the 16th day of June 2013

We have started advertising in the Apr/May issue of "Smoke Signals" and will continue until the May/Jun 2013 issue.

This will give everyone ample time to arrange vacation scheduling.

Plan for different places to visit to and from the Nationals for a family outing with fun for everyone.

Emails will be sent out listing members in your home state, so car pooling or a caravan may be planned. That's a fun way to travel with friends.

The 2013 NAF Nationals will be held near the town of Rye, Colorado. You will need to bring water, your gear and something to add to the pot luck which we will have one night. There is archery and shooting ranges, on close to 2000 acres to explore, impromptu classes and plenty of good campsites for your choosing. Plenty of trees to hold classes under and the main camp can spread out a little if that is what the people who show up want. The closest hospitals are in Pueblo and Raton, so it would take a while to get any major accident injury to one. So the men will need to be careful. We told the owner that he and his family are welcome to come to the camp to see what we are like and would let him know when the pot luck will be.

Our 2007 Nationals was on this same site just west of the Mountain route of the Santa Fe Trail, less than a hundred miles to Bent's Old Fort or Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Whittington Center is just down the trail, along with Santa Fe where we could dance a fandango with the pretty dark eyed Senoritas.

All the rendezvous were held west of the Continental Divide with the exception of the 1829, 1830, and 1838 rendezvous. Six of the sixteen rendezvous were held outside the United States in territory belonging to Mexico. Except for two sites in Utah and one in Idaho, all of the rendezvous were held in Wyoming. Many of the major parties passed through Colorado heading into the Rockies.

R.S.V.P to Booshways

Mr. Don Keas, Email:  Phone: 719-489-3718

Mr. Michael Moore, Email:  Phone: 303-238-4656

Using either Interstate I-80 or Interstate I-70 coming from the East or West to Interstate I-25 going South to Rye. See the website

As time allows we will start steering our writers in the direction of Southern Colorado and the activities that went on during the early years when forming of this country. Lots of history and great places to visit while attending the

"8th NAF National Encampment" in Rye Colorado. We will send additional information of attractions in the area throughout this year in building up to the event.


Just like Ferrell did, send all your doin’s to, If you let us know ahead of time maybe we can join yoose all.




Published Quarterly to keep our membership informed of association status and upcoming events.

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