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1st Quarter 2013






Greetings to my NAF brother & sisters,

Well this is my first Captains log for the new "NAF Messenger" as our online journal "Smoke Signals" has come to an end. I am going to miss it but we could just not find anyone interested in taking over the Editor position from Buck who as you all know has been the Editor for longer than he wanted, but never the less stuck with it for us.

I was going to write up on our fall encampment and how much fun we had, and as you know because of it being so dry that the USFS put a shooting ban as well as a fire ban at our Apache Canyon spot. It rained there today and is supposed to rain on and off until this Sunday 12/16. So I am hoping that they will drop the bans after this coming weekend and we can get a winter encampment going. I will send you out an email when the bans are lifted and when a date is set. I am also working on the date for a spring encampment for the CA company. Because of the 2013 being held in June the CA company will not have a "summer encampment" but may have a small one if any one is interested in going to (2) NAF encampment in the same month.

It seems like we have quite a few canoe folks in the NAF. I really hope that they get together and arrange a few canoe trips in the near future. And like I usually say lets get out there and get on the ground and have some fun.

Damn the old "Smoke Signals" sure went out in a ball of fire, looks like its still smoking from what our background shows !!!

This is interesting, our Sect-Treas Report shows a grand total of $1650.47 - that amount has stayed close to this figure since the early 2009, we gain a little with new members, pay our bills and stay around this amount! Can't cry about that as long as we have funds to cover our expenses.

See ya down the trail,

Tom Casselman







We have a grand total of $1650.47 in the account after a $50.00 pay out to the NAF Newsletter Editor for his mailing supplies etc. We pay $4.95 a month for the "Smoke Signals" - "Messenger" website service same as in past years.

The word from our Captain is that our Eastern Factor James Kellar is recruiting in Ohio. Hopefully I will have some new applications to share with the council in the near future (and add to the finances also).

Along with that we cover any activities for the NAF National Encampment along with printing & postage for the NAF Newsletter "Broadside" - our quarterly mailing.

Thank you for your time.

Ian Bond, NAF Secretary/Treasurer

PO Box 464
Santa Barbara, CA, 93102



Published Quarterly to keep our membership informed of association status and upcoming events.

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