Sep/Oct 2012





NAF Captain
Tom Casselman
NAF #123




Greetings NAF brothers and sisters,

Well I was going to write about our summer encampment in this Captains log, but was beaten to the punch by a better and faster writer Dan Miller. Who has 2 great articles in this issue and has left me wondering just what the heck I am going to write about.

So I think rather than make myself look bad by trying to out do Dan by writing another article on the summer encampment, I will write a few lines about the place we had it. Apache Canyon is a place that seems to be right in the middle of where most our members live and all have fairly close to the same drive time, most can make it in 4hrs or less. And all that came all said they would come to any other encampments held there, and the fact that many who were not able to make the summer event are emailing me telling me they are going to make the fall one. Which means that the fall encampment has the potential of being one of the highest attended NAF events that I am aware of. And because of the enthusiasm shown by all that were there has made me decide to have a encampment there for all 4 seasons. With the exception of next summer as our 2013 NAF Nationals in Rye CO is to be held in June. But we will have our spring encampment before hand and then we will be right back for our fall and winter encampment in Apache Canyon.

I would like to see the NAF having 1 encampment or event a month somewhere across our nation. Here in CA we are working on having at least 8 encampments a year. And for those of you that live to far to attend CA encampments contact your state Factor or the closest state to you that has a Factor and get together with him and get something going in your part of the country.

I would like to thank George Thompson for taking over the Chief Factor position. And I know that things are really going to be cooking now.

I would also like to thank a man who does a job that has many hours and who does not get the appreciation or the recognition he deserves, and is one of the most knowledgeable men I know when it comes to our way of life or hobby. That man is "Buck Conner", the Editor of our online journal Smoke Signals. Buck has always been there for us through thick and thin, even though he gets constantly aggravated by folks like me that hold him up by waiting to the last minute to send him articles. We the members of the North American Frontiersmen take our hats off to you in thanks for your many years of service to our Association.

James Kellar of Ohio is now the Factor of his home state of Ohio as well as the connecting states, and is on the ball planning some up coming events in his area. Gina Carl from OK is working on a few encampments on her fathers land along the river in MO. The moment I get the details from them I will send a email out to you letting you know the what where and whens of these doin's in the eastern states.

Once again when your out and about, look around for suitable spots for encampments and let us know about it. Now get out there and get on the ground and have a blast.


PS. For those of you that do not know of our Journal Editor's sense of humor, none of my dogs really pooped in Dan Millers tent or anyone else's for that matter at the summer encampment.

But Wa-Sha did leave a nugget or 2 under the dinning fly of Mark Hatfield's tent at the 2012 nationals at Hollister and with out me telling her to.


Oh Dad, drop it I did....


On a sadder note, we send out our condolences to Buck and the rest of the Conner family on the passing of their beloved dog Chloe.

 Miss Chloe Catherine Conner

Rest In Peace



See you down the trail your friend and brother

Captain Tom



"8th Annual National Encampment"

dates have been set.

Now is the time to start planning a year in advance to make this one in Rye Colorado.


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