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Buck Conner
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Waugh the Camp,

Well folks now is the time to start thinking about personal and family vacation time for 2013. The boss is going to be asking for your planned schedule shortly. With that in mind, consider a period historical vacation in southern Colorado. 

Our 2007 Nationals was on this same site just west of the Mountain route of the Santa Fe Trail, less than a hundred miles to Bent's Old Fort or Great Sand Dunes National Monument. Whittington Center is just down the trail, along with Santa Fe where we could dance a fandango with the pretty dark eyed Senoritas. Maybe we can find where Ol' Jedediah went under down along the Cimmaron. Pecos Pueblo, Fort Union, and lots more is available for added interest.

All the rendezvous were held west of the Continental Divide with the exception of the 1829, 1830, and 1838 rendezvous. Six of the sixteen rendezvous were held outside the United States in territory belonging to Mexico. Except for two sites in Utah and one in Idaho, all of the rendezvous were held in Wyoming. Many of the major parties passed through Colorado heading into the Rockies.


Our location is driving distance to places mentioned plus we just touched on the area. In the issues of Smoke Signals leading up to this event we'll provide you some history of the area as well as what to look for traveling to and from.

Our Goal is to:

  • Give everyone ample time to arrange vacation scheduling.
  • Plan for different places to visit going to and from the Nationals for a family outing.
  • Shown below is a listing members in your home state, so car pooling or a caravan my be planned. Now that's a fun way to travel with friends, have done this many times over the years and still remember some of the funny things that happened.


Plan car pooling or a caravan.

Mapquest - Cheyenne WY. to Rye CO.

Map - from Rye CO.

Using either Interstate I-80 or Interstate I-70 coming from the East or West to Interstate I-25 going South to Rye.


The January/Feburary issue of this On-Line Journal will be my last one as the Editor. With other irons in the fire that need my attention, its time to take care of them. If anyone is interested in this position contact one of the association officers.  Thank you for the time to be your editor.

Aux Aliments de Pays !

On a sadder note, we send our condolences to our Captain Tom and the rest of the Casselman clan on the passing of their beloved dog Wa-Sha.   Strange that I lost our little girl Chloe just weeks before Tom's young girl went down.

Miss Wa-Sha Casselman

Miss Chloe Catherine Conner

Rest In Peace Girls



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