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George Thompson
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October 10, 2012

Friends, it has been a good year for the NAF so far. I was able to attend the National NAF Rendezvous in June, near Hollister, and visit with old Companeros from the Tres Pinos Company and make a few new Friends such as Sharon Daugherty and Dan Miller.

We had a fine time at the NAF Apache Canyon Summer encampment in July. Many of us were more than pleasantly surprised at the site at Apache Canyon. We will be returning there often. Actually, we will be going back to Apache Canyon November 1-4. Hope to see a lot of you there.

My report is not a long one this time. I need to hear from Factors from other than California. Please let me know what you and your members are doing, where you are going, and any and all events that have transpired as well as those that are in the planning stages.



That brings me to request that you give me any and all information regarding the Rye, Colorado National Encampment that is set for June of 2013. Randy Bublitz sent out a fine evaluation of the last camp that was held at that site. He is possibly planning a canoe trip in the foreseeable future. He stressed the importance of planning ahead and complete commitment to the success of the trip. This is where experience shows. Randy has been on numerous canoe trips of varying lengths and various times from a day or two to a week or more. The planning ahead, and commitment are of prime importance. That his success rate is 100% is testimony to the validity of these preparations.

In closing, I would most assuredly be very pleased to hear from any or all of you regarding ideas and plans for gatherings, trips anf other NAF related endeavors. In the words of “Ol” Rex Allan Norman , “Hyers Luck.”

George Thompson

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