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Hello NAF brothers and sisters,

It seems that Buck was just about to send out a search party to try and find me, it seems that once again I was holding up the show. I have really had a mental block the last few months because of some unexpected things that happened, and the loss of my dog Wa-Sha really devastated me. I was having a heck of a time trying to come up with anything that would not sound like I was whining or sniveling. We all have times where life gets in the way of living and we just have to deal with it the best we can. So rather than have Buck get on a plane and fly over here and kick my butt up and down the Golden state I figured I had better send in something for him to put for the Captains Log.

Just like the rest of you I am excited about the 2013 Nationals in Rye CO as well as the fall encampment the 1-4 of Nov. I hope to see you there.

Like Little Brother NAF#128 says in the Sec/Treas report, James Kellar NAF#127 our North Eastern Factor is out there getting us new members. He just came back from a trek/encampment and has another one planned around the corner so those of you interested in his next adventure please contact James. When I talked to him the other night he said he has (3) new folks that are wanting to join that are going to be sending in their paperwork soon, one already has.

James is doing things as he should, which is by the book and even though he may know these folks are what we are looking for he is still having them go to 2 encampment with him before he will give them a invitation. Bravo James

Way to go Ferrell, today I got an email from Ferrell Peterson NAF#7 about a encampment he is putting on in UT. so those of you who would like to take part in it should contact Ferrell for more information.

So it looks like we have (3) NAF events that will be happening in three different states over the next few months. It is events like this that will keep us going and bring in new members. No one is interested in joining a group that does nothing. 

I have a good feeling that Randy Bublitz NAF#8 and Susy Epperson NAF#111 are going to be working on a canoe trip in the future. Susy is also just about done with her Mountaineer requirements and will become our first female Mountaineer, congratulations Susy. 

I am very pleased to see that many of our members are really starting to make things happen and are participating. My hat is off to all of you that are getting out there and getting on the ground, being active, and joining in to help make the North American Frontiersmen be an Association that does more than talk about doing things. 

I thank you all for your help and time.



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