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May/Jun 2012




















NAF Captain
Tom Casselman
NAF #123


Howdy All,

2012 is really starting to take off, we already have 3 new members, 1 Apprentice that with in a week will have finished his requirements and will be a new member real quick. Plus we have 4 new Apprentices coming in about 2 weeks, being brought in by James Keller NAF#127 from Ohio, and 2 new Apprentices in CA. 1 is my nephew and the other was brought in by George Thompson NAF#005. I am hoping this keeps up.

I have gotten a few reply's on the Buffalo hunt I mentioned in my last log. but I recently found out that raffles are illegal, at least here in CA. So we now have to now rephrase it and now you get a chance to win a Buffalo hunt, others that are interested please email or call me.
Even though we didn't give much of a notice for the 2012 NAF nationals in Hollister, it still looks like we are going to have a better turn out than last year. Also any one wanting to car pool, Dan Miller is coming up from the Lakewood area and has a empty seat in his truck, so if your interested in splitting the gas call or email Dan. His contact info. can be found on our website under CA contacts.
As it now turns to spring I hope you all are going to be able to get on the ground and have some fun. If you have anything going on please contact the Chief Factor Jack Swallow and give him the details so that he can send a email to the other members.




We are starting to see you folks taking advantage of the FREE service with the North American Frontiersmen Association's "Trade Room". We can all take advantage of switching out our un-used wares for items we will use and enjoy. That's always a big plus in anyone's list of things to get done. Take a weekend and look over items you haven't used for a while, if in good useable condition take the time to list them in the "Trade Room". And take a look at what's offered, maybe something you can't live without.....

This is a FREE service to our members; all you as a member has to do is:

  • write a description of item you want to sell.
  • provide a picture of item (.jpg/.gif file).
  • amount of money need for article.
  • contact information: (email, phone).

Send this information to:


The North American Frontiersmen Association is providing an online marketplace where buyers, and sellers meet to conduct transactions. We are not involved in the actual transactions between Buyers and Sellers.

"click" on the logo.

This FREE service to the NAF is provided by 

Beaver Plew Productions

Affiliated with the North American Frontiersmen Association 2012.





  • Our balance for the NAF account stands almost the same with subtractions and additions $1650.00 as of this April 2012.
  • We pay $4.95 a month for the "Smoke Signals" website service like in past years. Along with that we cover any activities for the NAF National Encampment along with  printing & postage for the NAF Newsletter "Broadside" - our quarterly mailing.
Ian Bond, NAF Secretary/Treasurer
PO Box 464


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