Smoke Signals

Mar/Apr 2012

On-Line Journal Editor





  Welcome to the March/April issue of Smoke Signals.   I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming rendezvous in May.  The dates this year will be May 17th through 20th.  This will be the NAF National Rendezvous for 2012.  I hope to see all of you at our rendezvous here in Hollister.

I hope you are enjoying the issues of Smoke Signals and are telling your friends about us.  You will be the method that the NAF will grow and prosper in the future.   We need input and effort from all members to make this organization and journal successful.  If you have the ability to write or just have suggestions to make this journal better do not hesitate to contact me with your suggestions.

I am so happy that we have additional writers contributing to this journal.  They are a wonderful addition to our staff and I am anxious to speak to them and learn more about their experiences.  We can all learn more about our history from different perspectives by reading these journal entries.  

If you are aware of rendezvous opportunities, please let us know about them and we will publish them in this journal.  We would like to be able to meet as often as possible together and this will provide us all with more opportunities to get to know each other.  I always enjoy spending time with other NAF members, most of us are real characters and can teach each other and entertain each other many things.

Please contact me with any questions you may have regarding our organization.  If you meet someone interested in joining the NAF, please give them our website address and let the officers know so we can welcome them.  We will be happy to talk to prospective members.

Thank you for your time and interest.  I will talk to you again in the next journal.

                                                                          Mark Hatfield

                                                                                       NAF #117 Woodsman

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