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Mar/Apr 2012




















NAF Captain
Tom Casselman
NAF #123


Howdy all,

The Chief Factor and I have been hard at work at finding the ideal place to hold the 2013 NAF Nationals. I heard of a real nice place near Rye CO, one of the earlier Nationals was held there, so we're trying to make contact with one of our members that lives near there so we can see if that place may be available.

I have many ideas I'd like to run be our members and have you tell me what you think. One thought is to have a raffle for a buffalo hunt. I've checked into many places as for their prices and what kind of hunts they offer, so far it looks like only 2 are worth a darn.


Hunts that actually are hunts rather than a setup and they pick the one you get to shoot and then they haul it and release the Bison close to you as it heads to the feed place and you get to shoot it walking to eat at a pre-set place.

Wow what kinda hunt is that ? The 2 places I'm looking into are free ranging Buffalo in a herd. Anyways let me here what you think on this. As I said I have many more ideas and I'll tell you more of them in future issues, but I need your feed back. So please email me your feedback, ideas you may have for NAF events or places to have them. Lets keep looking for shinin times ahead.


* Announcement

Well folks at the beginning of this year we told you we were looking at providing our members a "Trade Room" to sell - trade or purchase good condition period wares between other members or anyone else interested. It's taken us the 1st Quarter of the year to put together a hopefully workable (controllable) "Trade Room" with the help of "Beaver Plew Productions". Now the North American Frontiersmen Association is affiliated with "fur trade BOOKS" in this new venture. 

This is a free service to our members; all you as a member has to do is:

  • write a description of item you want to sell.
  • provide a picture of item (.jpg/.gif file).
  • amount of money need for article.
  • contact information: (email, phone).

Send this information to:


The North American Frontiersmen Association is providing an online marketplace where buyers, and sellers meet to conduct transactions. We are not involved in the actual transactions between Buyers and Sellers.

"click" on the logo.

This FREE service to the NAF is provided by 

Beaver Plew Productions

Affiliated with the North American Frontiersmen Association 2012.



I will use my NAF On-Line Journal Editor email address for both positions.



  • Our balance for the NAF account stands at $1617.00 as of this March 2012.
  • We pay $4.95 a month for the "Smoke Signals" website service like in past years. Along with that we cover any activities for the NAF National Encampment along with  printing & postage for the NAF Newsletter "Broadside" - a quarterly mailing.
  • My duties are not particularly difficult but one must have the time to monitor the online email account, and periodically get caught up, as well as take care of the designated checking account for our funds, pay bills, etc.
The individual is greater than the state.
Mark Hatfield
NAF #117

NAF Secretary-Treasurer

Mark Hatfield
1020 Pear Court Hollister, CA, 95023


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