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Jan/Feb 2012




Chief Factor


Relatively new to buckskinning. I have an extensive back round in hunting, backpacking, and survival skills. I am proud to be a docent at San Juan Bautista State Park. The Mission and Park are host to thousands of school kids annually. For the school year of 2009 I got extremely lucky and some how made it through the tests and interviews and became a Park aid (got paid) to put on my buckskins and torment grammar school students. In the spring several of us work at Roaring camp near Scots Vallie California. We spend four days demonstrating the skills that our predecessor needed to flourish in the wilderness Such as, setting beaver traps under water and why, loading and firing muzzle loading guns, and starting fire with flint and steel or a burning glass. In addition to this we the Three Pines Group do living history the first Saturday of every month at the San Juan Bautista State Historic Park. In the month of October we do The Boy Scout PAC Sky Rendezvous near Bolder creek California where I teach primitive archery to scouts. Finally Last fall I was the Booshway for our Encampment of the Three Pines Mountain men in central California. My camp Name is Captain Jack.




Chief Factor Report

Waugh the Camp,

Howdy NAF brothers and sisters and those of you that are just checking us out.


I help hold the NAF Nationals in Hollister as well am part of the yearly events at "The Three Pines" rendezvous. At this years event we got to meet the NAF Captain Bill Cunningham and the famous Howdy Davis, along with several non NAF folks that came bye. 
NAF business, I'm planning to find as many muzzle loading groups as I can, and see how many are up to the NAF standards. I will be asking from time to time for help from our members in reaching others across this great country of ours that have like mind-sets.
As for the youngsters, I plan on contacting Scout Masters to see if we can get something going with the Boy Scouts as well as the Girl Scouts in addition to our already involvement at "Three Pines". I need to talk at length with a few of our members that have a immeasurable amount of experience with the Boy's and Girl Scouts so I'm able to approach them in a correct manner.
Before I go I want to add that I'm open to any and all ideas or suggestions you may have on how or what I or we can do for more activities for the North American Frontiersmen.

Your friend & brother.
Jack Swallow
NAF #116


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