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Awkward History




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Why hello there, My name is Scota Maccarthy. I'm sixteen years old, have brownish hair and brown eyes. A plain Jane, I could totally disappear in a crowd, but so could everybody else. The reason I stand out from that crowd, just a little bit is because of what I've been doing for the past sixteen years and that something is Rendezvous. Now I don't have any fancy degree like my mom, or any cool membership like my dad, but I do have my awesome memories and moments from a collective sixteen years (and if you ask me that's way cooler than what my parents have, but don't tell them I said that. I'm a proud Rendezvous girl and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Scota Maccarthy

NAF Ranger


Awkward History

Hi my name is Scota Maccarthy, I'm 16 years old for about 13 of those years I have been a rendezvous girl, and a proud one at that. I enjoy doing this and since I have a few more years under my belt than even some of the adults out there, I thought

Hey why not write about some of my memories?

Cause some of them are pretty darn funny. So today Im going to write about some of my first Fort Bridger memories. You see, the Maccarthy family didn't start out as a wall tent, a giant fly, and equally large food production. We started out pretty small; a lean to, couple of dutch ovens and the infamous wolfhounds. In the mornings Mom (you may know her as Tracy) would try and help me get dressed in a cute little jumper and petty coat, but me being me, would have a rebellion against The Mom, while she would try to enforce her strict dress code upon me ( just kidding mom...not really) I would be busy throwing a tantrum. Then when the clothing war was over, the hair war would begin, and much to content she would just re-braid it.

But back then I didn't have a rebellious "tween" or teenage phase, I had something far worse... a grumpy 5 year old phase and that phase resulted in not having many little friends and the ones I did have usually had four legs and couldn't speak English. So I can remember sitting by Conan and telling him about a toy I saw and wanted or about the creepy ladies on the bridge that were cruel and unyielding cheek pincher's. Then later that day walking around with my dad in tow taking him to all my favorite trade tents and showing him the toys I had previously told Conan about.

After that escapade we would head back to the campsite and dad would start a fire and he would teach me the boy scout basic's to starting a fire...I never really listened to him though, but hey can you blame me? I had gotten that toy I really wanted and it was kinda more interesting at the moment than how to start a fire (no offense Dad)

But when we had eaten dinner and successfully put the fire out, I would be settling down in my sleeping bag sandwiched in between my parents with Conan laying on us all. Only for me to wake up to Conan breathing on my face with his stinky dog breath in the middle of the night, I swear he did that to me just because he couldn't get in my sleeping bag. Then after a good 10 minutes of him breathing on me I would fall asleep again.

Only to wake up grumbling the next morning, I would dig myself out of the nest I had made and try to wear the same clothes as yesterday (this is were the clothing battle comes in) Mom successful , as usual, in making me change my clothes and insisting on my hair being brushed (how dare she!). Once the hygiene routine had been completed I would go out into the world and then quickly retreat to my little forest hide away, and act like I was a fearsome knight ready to slay a dragon in it's den of highly flammable sticks and brush only to retreat back into the forest because the dragon sent minions after me.

That was life , simple and always full of adventure , before two legged English speaking friends came in , and before boys were even vaguely important (they still aren't, just sayin'). It was simple and at times painful (those evil cheek pincher's !) but it was always fun, that was just a brief look back into my memories but it was one of the fonder ones.

Until next time ,

Scota Maccarthy

NAF Ranger



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