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Jan/Feb 2012

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Busy times are upon us, indeed. Ballots for the election were sent out and received. Our new Officers are now brought into the picture, seen in this issue. 

I understand Ferrell is planning winter outings for tests of endurance and the opportunity to exercise our knowledge of primitive arts.

Whatever your choice of activities may be, I encourage you to carry those modern things that just make sense to have along in case of emergency. This ainít 1830 and we ainít bullet proof. If you are with company they may have to rely on you or vice versa. Your  medicine, a small first aid kit, and period matches ("spalls") and extra fire starter stuff of your choice should be carried as a minimum. This is a hobby, way of life, or preferred interest. It should not be something that entices fate to whack your butt. Be safe!

Bill Cunningham    

[Past] Captain
























NAF Captain
Tom Casselman
NAF #123




After spending about 14 years working on horse and cattle ranches. So I'm very fond of horses and ride when ever possible. I'm also a dog lover and own 4 American Pit Bull Terriers. I started teaching wilderness survival in 1991 for the would be Rambo types. Then in 2004 I realized that all my modern and high tech gear was worthless with out high tech parts to keep them working. I thought long and hard on how to make things a bit simpler, then it hit me like a ton of bricks that the Mountain Men of the early 1800s had been the best survivalist. Many had been taught how to live in the wilderness by the American Indians. 

They could keep their rifles and guns working with just a few parts that they had in their shooting bags, almost everything they would need could be found in nature. So right then I knew it was time to trade in my bull barreled 308 with a NV scope and moly coated match ammo for a full stocked flintlock with open sights and patched round balls, and decided that was the smartest way to go and started teaching primitive wilderness survival. And then I began to attend rendezvous and got bitten by the muzzle loader bug and I never looked back. Now I try and get on the ground as often as possible, although I haven't been out much the last 6-8 months we were getting out 2-3 times a month for about 3 years. I'm going to try and do that again starting this year.

Howdy to my NAF brothers and sisters, 

I guess I should start off by thanking those of you that voted me in for Captain of the NAF. And to also thank Bill Cunningham for his years of dedicated service to the North American Frontiersmen, he will be a hard act to follow.

I have some new ideas for the NAF and I hope that they will better an already great Assoc. The new Chief Factor Jack Swallows and I have worked together in the past and I truly believe that together we can get the NAF to really take off. We are off to a great start this year as we have many folks that sending in their paperwork for membership. One such person is James Keller, James is also a Primitive wilderness instructor and runs his school out of Ohio, many of his best students will be following James into the NAF. They are a very active group and will hopefully get the eastern part of the country hopping. Gina Carl out of OK is another person that has a group of active folks that are getting their paperwork in order. Looks like our new Sec/Treas Mark Hatfield is going to be real busy his first month in office, getting this paperwork pushed through in a timely manner.

One of the first orders of business is the 2012 NAF nationals. I promise that Jack and I have already started working on a date and place for this years national event. We will get this worked out soon and everyone will have ample notice for the event.

North American Frontiersmen

2012 7th National Encampment





Pines Rendezvous Ad and Pines Rendezvous Map

As I have said many times when I was the Chief Factor, We are here for you, if you have any ideas for encampments or places to have them please contact Me or Jack and let us know.

Like I said earlier I look towards the new states that are going to be active in the NAF and I see good things ahead for the North American Frontiersmen. I thank you kindly for your time.... Now lets get out on the ground and have fun.

NAF Captain.
Tom Casselman
NAF #123




I will use my NAF On-Line Journal Editor email address for both positions. 



I'm like my old friend Captain Jack Swallow, relatively new to buckskinning when compared to the founders of this group. A similiar back round in hunting, backpacking, and survival skills. I am proud to be a part of the San Juan Bautista State Park doings. The Mission and Park are host to thousands of school kids annually. Several of us spend four days demonstrating the skills that our predecessor needed to flourish in the wilderness such as, setting beaver traps under water and why, loading and firing muzzle loading guns, and starting fire with flint and steel or a burning glass.


In addition to this we the "Three Pines Group" do living history the first Saturday of every month at the San Juan Bautista State Historic Park. In the month of October we do The Boy Scout PAC Sky Rendezvous near Bolder Creek California where I teach primitive cookin' to the scouts. Fun stuff that keeps us busy most of the year, but not busy that that I can't help out with taking on the duties of being NAF Journal Editor and the NAF Sect/Treas. for our Association.


  • Our balance for the NAF account stands at $1617.00 as of this December 2011.
  • We are paying $4.95 a month for the Smoke Signals website as we have in the past year.
  • The position for NAF Secretary/Treasurer as been filled by yours truly. My duties are not particularly difficult but one must have the time to monitor the online email account, and periodically get caught up, as well as take care of the designated checking account for our funds, pay bills, etc.
NAF Secretary-Treasurer
Mark Hatfield
1020 Pear Court Hollister, CA, 95023



NAF Secretary-Treasurer
Mark Hatfield
NAF #117



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