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Sept/Oct 2011


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I have some BAD NEWS and some GOOD NEWS.

Hate to bring up an old subject but the North American Frontiersmen's Editor position is still open. I agreed to cover the opening for the third  time when it was thought a new Editor was available and wanting and able to handle the duties. We know how that went and I returned to fill the job. That was the bad news.

The NAF has done found it another live body, you CA folks all know him. It's our NAF member Mr. Mark Hatfield of the "Three Pines Rendezvous Group". Mark is the brave sole to step up and is willing to tackle the job. I'll be looking over his shoulder giving whatever help he needs and just be there for his support if needed. I'll continue to write articles to be used by the NAF Smoke Signals On-Line Magazine, may even help out with a cover once in a while. 

Mark may be contacted at the NAF email address that I was using, I have to get another one starting right now.

Thank you folks for the ride.   Buck


Official New Editor




























Well, it looks like time to introduce myself as your new Smoke Signals editor.  I always like to make a long story short (shut up Bill, Glen, Bob and Jack).  I have been interested in history my entire life.  Maybe this is just genetic as I claim to be a direct descendent of the Hatfield clan made famous by the Hatfield/McCoy feud.  I was born in Missouri, that makes me stubborn, and raised in various cities and small towns in the midwest.  After six years in the U.S. Navy I ended up in California and crashed smack dab in the middle of the local history. 
After being distracted by working in the computer industry for 15 years (I guess that makes me qualified to attempt this adventure), I was directed to the local state park in San Juan Bautista to investigate becoming a "docent" in the state park system in 1991.  And thus the adventure really began.  I discovered several things about myself immediately; I truly enjoyed learning about American history, and I loved teaching what I learned to other people.  It was the small details about how our ancestors lived that drew my passion.  "Seasoning" cast iron the way the pioneers did, making fire with flint and steel and other skills brought great joy to my life.  I wanted to feel independent and free!  But the ultimate enjoyment I got was learning survival skills and applying them directly to present situations.  The ability to survive dangerous circumstances builds confidence and pride in individuals.  In my case it also motivates me to share these abilities with others who are interested in them. 
I hear Bob reminding me to "make a long story short".  Recently, Bob and I traveled to Paisley, Oregon to attend the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous.  What a great time, a full week of nothing but learning, practicing skills and (best of all) shopping for tools of this trade.  Shopping was best because I stumbled upon an original (1980's) Hatfield rifle made by Tom Hatfield from the original design created by Moses Hatfield or "Devil Anse" Hatfield in the 1850's.  I am in the process of studying this rifle so I can educate others about black powder shooting in the old way.
A short history of my adventures buckskinning.  Started in 1991 when I got involved with the state park system.  At San Juan Baptista State Historic Park I met the greatest bunch of guys anyone would want for friends. Bill Martinie, Glen Koehl, Jack Swallow and Bob Larsen.  I want to thank them at this time for helping me get involved in this adventure.  Eventually through their help I got involved in buckskinning for the Boy Scouts also.  And then in 2008 I was introduced to the North American Frontiersmen.  Now I can get serious with this activity!!  This just keeps getting better all the time!  And now I have an opportunity to learn more about this great organization and can contribute more of myself to this great effort.  I am honored!  I know how much faith and trust this requires from the leadership.  I would like all members to see this as an opportunity to have an impact on the Smoke Signals as it moves forward into the future.  I will ask at this time that all members communicate to me openly about the things they like about the way I am doing this job and the things they do not like about it.  I cannot improve the way I do this if you are not honest with me about what you want the Smoke Signals to become.  I welcome all input from the leadership and all members. 
I am looking forward to hearing from you all and will pledge to respond to your input as quickly as possible and make all appropriate changes you request.      

The individual is greater than the state.
Mark "Rolling Thunder" Hatfield
NAF #117



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