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Nov/Dec 2011



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Chief Factor Report

Waugh the Camp,

To all brothers and sisters of the NAF, and those that are checking us out. First of I'd like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Speaking of the new year, this new year will bring in some new officers and maybe some new ideas for the NAF.


Something I would like to say in this issue of Smoke Signals, has to do with the NAF as a family so to speak, and its willingness to help others and to help others just getting started. I have a nephew that has been recently discharged from the U.S.Army, due to a leg injury. Now it didn't permanently cripple him but it did make it impossible to finish boot camp (twice as he had his leg fixed went back and hurt it again). Well he has been hanging around watching me work on my muzzle loaders and do certain mountain man crafts and such. To make a long story short, he decided that he was interested in being part of living history and wanted to give it a try, and just recently being discharged and in this economy he has little money and at the moment no job. So buying the thing to get started as you all know can get into some big bucks, I had a few things that I had extras of or up-graded to that I could hand down. I got to thinking that other NAF members may have a few thing that they weren't using anymore that maybe they would donate to a 24yr old kid that was starting from scratch. So I sent out an email to all the NAF brothers and sisters and told them of what I was doing. The response  was nothing short of incredible, with in a week he had everything he needed and more including 1 smooth bore flintlock and a rifle. He could not believe that folks that didn't even know him had helped him and made it possible for him to become a part of living history as he learns it himself . I have to say that we may be a small group, but by God a nicer bunch of guys or better men cannot be found !  And I have learned first hand that quality beats quantity any day of the week and consider myself lucky and blessed to be around this group of men of such high character.

So if your not already a member of the North American Frontiersmen  and your looking to join a national living history association that has no other agenda other than being the best we can be and practicing  pre-1843 mountain man woods craft and survival skills, maybe you should look us over, we may be what your looking for. We are always looking for more quality folks to join us. I thank you for your time  

And as I always say and will say again, If ya have any ideas for encampments or places to have'em  please let us know.

See ya down the trail,     

Your friend and brother,     

Tom C. NAF # 123 Chief Factor    




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