Smoke Signals

Nov/Dec 2011

For your camp cooking enjoyment, we are happy to offer you a selection of vintage recipes. From side dishes to desserts, we are sure you will find a recipe or two that you will want to try, something interesting to share with family and friends. So, take a break and have fun in your camp kitchen at your next event!

MARK "Rolling Thunder" HATFIELD   

Hello again from the NAF editor for Smoke Signals. I would like to propose to you another interest of mine. I am interested in cooking in cast iron and in the future I would like to create a page of Smoke Signals designed to offer to you a few of my old family recipes and a few that I will come across during my research that I believe will be easy to do and tasty to boot. I will try to make the timing of the recipes fit the present time of the year for each edition. For example; this would be a good time to show a holiday recipe from our early history reflecting Thanksgiving or Christmas. I will, thus, present to you a holiday recipe from our era.   I hope you all have an opportunity to try out this dish and enjoy it with your families. In the future these recipes and stories of cooking will appear in a new page of our Smoke Signals. I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy your holidays!!



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