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May/Jun 2011


We will try and provide accurate descriptions as well as good assessments of each item reviewed. If the article to be reviewed isn't of better or best quality we will not bother you with reporting on lower level equipage.


We hear the name "Wilde Weavery" or CJ Wilde" we think of: blankets, sashes, hunting pouch & haversack sashes or other clothing that these fine folks have provided for years. CJ's husband is always seen with her at events, pleasant, fun to visit and a fine gentleman.

Ed Wilde is a very talented craftsman that I have visited with when at an Eastern event several times or talked to on the phone when placing an order. Folks if you want a great experience you need to go to the "Wilde Weavery" website and look at what Mr. Wilde has to offer, the assortment is very nicely shown with about everything one could ever want for their camping or trekking needs.  Anything from scarves to spoons and, OH don't forget the wife can provide the wares to cover your body or keep you warm on those cold nights. (CJ will tell me about the "wife" remark, hehehehe).

Friends you'll enjoy your visit and remember that experience with some fine members of the "North American Frontiersmen". The website address is http://www.wildeweavery.com/home.htm  if you don't have their site book marked do so.

The "Wilde Weavery" ending statement says is all:

Our goal is to provide the finest hand-woven blankets, sashes, and straps, as well as handmade shooting bags, haversacks, knapsacks, and other accouterments for the reenacting enthusiast or anyone interested in the decor of early America.

Ed and CJ Wilde
Wilde Weavery & Trading Co, LLC
Rt. 1, Box 1351
Cross Timbers, Missouri 65634


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