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May/Jun 2011


As mentioned in our last issue this is a really exciting time in good literature for the North American Frontiersmen Association time frame of 1750 - 1843. I will try and give you a few good examples of a few books read that feel are worthy of passing them on to you. Once in a while I'll add a few favorites that some of us really like.



Playing Grandma’s Games

By: Karen South Arnold

Faro, farkle, goose, mumblety-peg, pick-up-sticks, snakes and ladders. . . Grandma’s are as enjoyable today as they were years ago. Karen Arnold has included the history and rules for playing a great cross-section of games from colonial times through those enjoyed in the old west. Her selections comprise indoor and outdoor pastimes for children and adults; card, dice, and board games, and even some played by Native Americans. All games include construction and materials details. There is also a list of suppliers and a complete bibliography and index.

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Karen has been writing and editing text and drawing computer graphics for a long time. Besides using those skills in employment settings, she has written articles on diverse topics from speech to wildlife and has illustrated many other author’s publications, including articles in the magazine of the American Mountain Men, The Tomahawk and Long Rifle. Combining her editorial expertise with her abiding interest in early American history, she drew the final patterns and wrote and illustrated the instructions for a colonial/fur trade clothing pattern business.

Karen has also been a game enthusiast throughout her life. She was her elementary school’s jacks champion, holds bridge master points, and continues to play a variety of other games for social enjoyment.




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