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Mar/Apr 2011



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  • The Tomahawk & Long Rifle Magazine - Subscriptions: The Tomahawk & Long Rifle is a publication of the American Mountain Men, published quarterly, Feb., May, Aug., and Nov. The subscription price is $20.00 for one year, $35.00 for two years and $50.00 for three years. Subscription orders, change of address and correspondence concerning subscriptions should be address to:

  • Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly - Publication of the museum: Dedicated to the preservation, exhibition, and interpretation of the North American fur trade.

  • Coalition of Historical Trekkers Quarterly - The Coalition of Historical Trekkers Quarterly Publication is a 1/2 page magazine, that is included with your membership. It is written primary by our members and representatives submitting articles about treks they have been on, events they have attended, research they have done and even fictional stories they want to share.

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  • Muzzleloader Magazine - Muzzleloader Magazine

  • Muzzle Blasts Online - Publication of the NMLRA

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