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JAN/FEB 2011


As mentioned in our last issue this is a really exciting time in good literature for the North AAmerican Frontiersmen Association time frame of 1750 - 1843. I will try and give you a few good examples of a few books read that feel are worthy of passing them on to you. 

Powder Horn Book 

by Ron Vail

"What They Had To Say"

~A Collection Of Sayings Engraved On Eighteenth Century American Powder Horns~

Over the years Ron Vail has written many articles for the Tomahawk and Long Rifle - the official publication of the American Mountain Men and articles in  Muzzleloader magazine. This is his first book and is titled "What They Had To Say - A Collection Of Sayings Engraved On Eighteenth Century American Powder Horns." For the past few years Ron has been making and selling historically accurate museum quality powder horns. These powder horns cover the French and Indian War through the Mountain Man era. In his research to insure authenticity he has studied several hundred powder horns made from the early 1700's through the 1800's. This 31-page reference book, most of which is written with an old-time steel nib pen, is a collection of sayings engraved by the maker or owner on these old original horns. The book will be signed by the author and, if you like, personalized.

Contact Ron at:

$15.00 plus $3.00 S&H



A Manual for Interpreting Lewis and Clark      by Gene Hickman

Send your requests directly to: 

Gene Hickman, 8842 Douglas Circle, Helena, MT  59602, 1-406-458-3884 

(email inquiries to 

Funds generated will assist in the instruction and training of new and/or fledgling Lewis and Clark living history groups nationwide.

The cost $24.95 with $3.50 for shipping and handling. 



picture NA

220 West 400 North - American Fork, Utah 84003




Chase After the Wind  by Bennett H. Bracken

"written in the tradition of Louis L'Amour"

"Reminiscent of Louis L'Amour, Ben brings the romance of the old West to life with realistic frontier dialog, descriptions that jump out at you and plots that leave you breathless. Mountain men at rendezvous with fur traders, trappers, and Indians  fill the pages with high adventure and tender moments." Betty Briggs, award-winning author of the "Heather" trilogy and A Tuff-to-Beat Christmas.

The cost $16.95 with $3.50 for shipping and handling. 


 The North American Frontiersmen's "Book Review" column.

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