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JAN/FEB 2011


                                                           CAPTAINíS LOG


I have received from the eastern Factor, Harry Carlson, an updated roster of members in his area of responsibility. There are a few who have either moved without changing their addresses with him, or, in some cases, died. For those who have not gone on the path known by no man, but have, non-the-less, departed from your last know abode, please get in touch with Harry so that he can advise you as to potential camps and so on. His number is listed under Officerís in this publication.

I would like to note that the members in California have been quite active. They have been working on requirements and having dandy camps. A more enthusiastic group would be difficult to find anywhere. Remember, they will be hosting the national camp this year. Now is not to soon to be planning to attend. For those living in areas remote from there, may I suggest that you contact your Factor to see if there isnít a way to get a number of guys and gals together to share expenses. This is a great opportunity to visit historic sites along the way. For those who would like to follow the Oregon Trail on the way, there is a book by Gregory Franzwa titled Maps of the Oregon Trail, which is accompanied by a book giving directions to each discernable piece still in existence. It should be a standard library book. If you canít find it let me know and I will send you a copy of the maps. You might also want to carry a map of where the actual old rendezvous were held in order to visit them on the way. Rocky Mountain Rendezvous by Fred. R. Gowens is a great source for that. Oh, by the way, while Iím on the subject of books, the Chief Factor, Bob Loyd, has an article in the latest issue of Muzzle Loader magazine. Youíd ought to read it. Good stuff!

I am currently into a writing project that requires some research to be sure of my facts. While researching my reference books I ran across several things that might be of interest to you. Old Time Crafts and Trades, (two volumes {small}), and Early Nineteenth Century Crafts and Trades, all edited by Peter Stockham all published by Dover Stockham, are real jewels. Much enjoyment in the reading. Thereís another that I found fascinating. It is, Iíll admit, a tad out of the period but the same conditions pretty much existed, and helps explain some of the reasons men were so willing to contract out to fur trapping brigades. It is The Good Old Days - They Were Terrible!, written by Otto L. Bettmann, published by Random House, ISBN 0-394-70941-1.

If any of you happen to be traveling in my part of Colorado , you are welcome to make this a rest stop. While here you might want to peruse my library for ideas on what you might want to add to your own collection. Also on the way there are many museums to stop and look over. One in Mitchell , SD is really fine and little known. Lusk , WY has another that doesnít get much play, but should. I think that if you will search the net you can find listings under each state.

If you begin planning now, perhaps you can make this awesome trip. Since the organization is family friendly, you can bring the entire family. There will be plenty of things to interest them all.

Yours in friendship - Bill Cunningham, Captain, NAF











Treasurer - Secretary

Our balance for the NAF account stands $xxx.xx. I have taken back the Secretary - Treasurer duties for the time being, which will entail updating the roster, receiving funds, making reimbursements etc.
NAF Secretary-Treasurer
Patrick Quilter
639 Thalia St
Laguna Beach, CA, 92651

 Y'r Sv't  Pat Quilter




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