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We will try and provide accurate descriptions as well as good assessments of each item reviewed. If the article to be reviewed isn't of better or best quality we will not bother you with reporting on lower level equipage.

We would like to  address the "primitive wares" (hint - title) that one needs or would like to have with the camp equipage or personal gear carried. Several of us have gone the gamut of such items over the years and I personally have had as much or more than most. 

 Maker of Fine Museum Reproduction Hunting Pouches, Haversacks, Wallets, and more.

Thank you for asking about my on-line business " Longhunter Leather Company". 

I carry an assortment of pouches, haversacks, canteens and other*accouterments to meet your reenacting/trekking needs. I also carry a nice selection of "Period Edibles" with plenty of choices for camp and trail. Should you decide to make a purchase it will be my continued goal to provide you with a period correct, museum quality handmade product at a reasonable price. Again, thank you for your continued support, encouragement and admonishment.


                     I remain your obt servant,

Bob Browder

Longhunter Leather is proud of the hospitality shown to each and every customer that visits our store whether in person or by the means of the Internet, we try and give our personal attention to all we meet.

Hunting Pouches:

All pouches are fully welted, and have an inside pocket sewn to the back and a smaller pocket on the front under the flap. Additional pictures can be sent upon request.

All of my pouches are made to be used and handed down to further generations, and they will meet your test of time and trail.







#1 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" bark tan deer lined with a striped fustain. Nice size inside pocket sewn to back and a small pocket on the front under the flap. Sewn on the outside and the short fringe acts as a welt to protect the stitching which is waxed linen thread. The strap is a 1 1/4" wide  bark tan/Wilde Weavery strap combination with an hand forged iron buckle and "D" ring.  Also included is a pan brush and vent pick made out of Kentucky river cane.  $185.00

 #2 8 1/4" x 7" bark tan deer lined with a red checked cotton, sewn on the inside.  Large inside pocket and small pocket on the front under the flap. Strap is 1" wide veg tan cow with an antique brass roller buckle for adjustment. Antler tip pan brush and hand forged vent pick.  $165.00

#3 7" x 8" deep bark tan deer lined with a green/red striped fustain. Inside pocket. Sewn on the outside.  Strap is 1 1/4" inch wide veg tan/braided hemp with a square iron hand forged buckle.  $165.00

Leather Canteens:

Our canteens hold approx. 28 to 32 oz., dyed in Walnut med to a dark-brown, are fully lined with pure beeswax, have a hemp strap with leather tabs and stoppers carved out of sassafras or apple wood.



Water Bottle





CAN1 Canteen - canteen contents 28-32 oz./ $70.00

CAN2 Canteen - canteen contents 28-32 oz./ $70.00

CAN3 Water Bottle - water bottle contents 28-32 oz./ $70.00

Please contact me, there are many options that could be worked out using your ideas and supplies, with my craftsmanship to make that special item you have wanted and never got completed.







Our varies kits and accoutrements are very functional and durable, with proper care will serve for years with your historical reenacting or trekking needs.

1. Reproduction 18th century compass with or without Bible verse. $35.00

2. Small folding trade mirror.  $  7.00

3. Reproduction chain link pick & pan brush.  $12.00

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