Sep/Oct 2010

Jan/Feb 2007

  1. NAF

  2. Camp Life

  3. Safety Rules

  4. Old Smoke Poles

  5. Trajectory Lessons

  6. Mtn Men Books

  7. Terror of the Sea

  8. Blk Pwdr - Part IV

  9. Blk Pdr Shtg - Cont.

  10. History Lesson

  11. Old Photos

  12. The Slightly Known

  13. Weapons in History

  1. Our Captain has news along with other NAF information.
  2. Our Editor answers a few of your questions on "how sweet-it-is".....
  3. Muzzleloading Safety Rules ONE MORE TIME.
  4. "It's dirty, smoky, smelly & a pain to clean-up, yet preferred propellant of many."
  5. Sighting at 50 Yards to be on at 150 to 200 yards?
  6. Who recreate the western fur trade about what the mountain men.
  7. Always been an interesting design, just its appearance makes ones blood run cold.
  8. Basic principles of the sport of black powder shooting - Part IV.
  9. Howdy continues on with his principles of black powder shooting.
  10. Here's your Bi-Monthly History Lesson.
  11. Elmer tests your eyes when looking for details.
  12. For those who follow the moccasin path of the Rocky Mountains.
  13. We will start bringing you information on weapons of interest that fall into the 1750-1843 period.