Smoke Signals

Nov/Dec '10 


The boys say its time for a change in 2011.

  • The NAF is looking for a new Editor for the on-line magazine "Smoke Signals" to replace Buck Conner. 

  • Howdy Davis (Chief Factor) will not run for his current position in the 2011 elections of NAF Officers coming up shortly.

That said, NOW is the time to start considering who would make a good replacement. The guide-lines per our governing rules will be reviewed in this issue by the Captain. 

  • These guide-lines will be followed as set down when voted and agreed on by all parties involved when setting up this association. Period - NO "If's or questions asked" end of that story. Those involved will tell you this was a long and hard process to get put in place (a full year of discussions, emails and letters going and coming). 


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 * NAF

 Our Captain has association news..........


 * From the Editor

 New Editor is announced and our Old Editor says good bye.


 * Camp Life

 Buck shares the second part of his preparedness information, primitive style in this issue.


 *  Primitive Canoeing 

 Randall Bublitz is at it again with helping out when the call comes in.....


 *  Primitive Archery 

 Howdy begins this session with the rules, terminology, ..................


 *  John Brown 

 A bio of a Mountain Man


 *  Old Combo Gun 

 Elmer Pope tells us about a nice old original 1870's combination muzzle loader.


 *  Point Blankets

 Buck shares an article written by an old friend on Witney Point Blankets. More information than most want to remember.


 *  Book Review

 Elmer Pope will start this column out with a bi-monthly review of one or more books pertaining to our 1750-1843 time frame. Mr. Cunningham along with other members will continue this column to keep our viewers informed of good reading material.


 * Primitives

 A new column for period/primitive wares that we have found and feel worthy for your equipage.


 * History Sites

 A good source of organizations, historical sites, living history settlements, period magazines & web sites.


 * Suppliers

 Here's your reference location for those that supply your needs for this sport of living in our father's foot steps.


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come warm yourself friends stay and enjoy yourself, we like the company.


This website may not be reproduced in part or in whole without the written permission of the North American Frontiersmen. All Rights Reserved, Copyrighted 2005-2010.

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