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Nov./Dec. '10


We will try and provide accurate descriptions as well as good assessments of each item reviewed. If the article to be reviewed isn't of better or best quality we will not bother you with reporting on lower level equipage.

We have kicked this around for several issues and have decided now would be a good time to start a column that would address the "primitive wares" (hint - title) that one needs or would like to have with the camp equipage or personal gear carried. Several of us have gone the gamut of such items over the years and I personally have had as much or more than most. With owning several Muzzleloading/Mountainman Shops and associated with several others for years as a buyer and wholesaler for their needs I have seen or owned many of such items. Over the years some really neat little gadget that we as owners thought was great turned out to be just a "neat little gadget" that nobody else wanted. !@#$%^ we wouldn't tell you anymore about such items and waste your time or funds.

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 Makers of Fine Museum Reproduction Tin, Brass and Copper ware, Hearth Cooking Items, Folk Art and more.

Goose Bay Workshops LLC is a family run business, created in 1985 by Peter and Debra Goebel. Peter, a master coppersmith, makes every copper, tin and brass piece by hand. Both Peter & Debra research all the historic items, and both design all the folk art and modern pieces.

The business began with period lighting, but has since expanded to include cookware, writing implements, and so much more!

For years, Peter Goebel has provided his customers with some of the finest copperware available. Below is a partial list of our many satisfied customers!

Many of us have used Peter's wonderful items for years and are still using those items. I probably have as much as anyone and have put it through some pretty rough trekking and canoeing venturers over a 10 to 12 year period. That said, I'll provide you with a few sample of my favorite items made by Goose Bay Workshops LLC.

Corn Boiler, Small

CORN BOILER - Handmade *Historically inspired*
Although this pot is not documented, it was created using only 18th century techniques and design elements. It has a heavy copper body and lid, both of which are tin lined. The pot has a sturdy wired rim and a bail. The lid has a ring, and is deeply domed. Some customers use the lid as a bowl! This pot is such a favorite that we make it in three sizes, and each can nest inside the other. Dated: 18th century style. Materials: copper and tin. Dimensions:
LARGE 5 1/2" dia. x 5 1/4" tall, 8 cup capacity.
MEDIUM 4 1/2" dia. x 5" tall, 4 cup capacity.
SMALL 3" dia. x 3 3/4" tall, 1 1/2 cup capacity.
Spice Box


POCKET SPICE BOX  Handmade - *Historic reproduction.*
A neat little box to keep a pinch of this or that in when traveling! In the 18th century, you were never certain of the quality of tavern fare. A little cayenne, or nutmeg, could improve the flavor of almost anything! This little brass box opens at both ends, giving you two seperate comparts to store your favorite spices! The compartments swivel out on a pivot. Dated: 1745. Origin: English. Materials: brass. Dimensions: 3 1/4" long.

Copper Tin Lined Canteen

KIDNEY CANTEEN - Handmade *Historic reproduction.*
This canteen is correct for the French & Indian War, the Seven Year's War, and the Revolutionary War. A lot of attention to detail has been put into this canteen. The spout is rolled, as are the lugs. It is very carefully soldered, and has been double-checked for leaks. You won't find a better quality canteen anywhere else. Dated: 18th century. Origin: English/American. Materials: tin with pitch lining, or copper with tin lining. Dimensions: 7" tall. Stopper included.

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