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Old Letters

I have recently swapped email with a gentleman who dabbles in old stamps, letters, documents, etc (stampless letter = prior to 1847). He gave me permission to pass on the following. If you want to contact him directly, he's at rustysmaps@aol.com . Anyone interested in historical cartography ought to toss him an email.


Rusty said...

We also can supply Bear Grease, pints($10 & 1/2 pints($5), rendered it myself, from a buddy's Fall 1998 hunt. Used it to cook flapjack during our 3rd season elk hunt. Plus it has the other uses, waterproofing, axel grease, slick your hair back, etc.

Recently got an old stampless letter from 1831, In New Orleans rum was 1.25 a gallon, Whiskey 32c, and bear's oil 1.25. I can get you a photo copy of the 2 page pricelist from Dec 31, 1831 I recently acquired. The mail route from new orleans to Boston was loaded with prices on all goods, furs, etc.

Rusty Morse

Colorado's Historical cartographer since 1969

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