Alfred Jacob Miller, George Catlin & Johann Karl Bodmer succeeded in painting western subjects in a way that was compelling, relevant, & appealing, creating metaphors for social change in North American History.



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 * NAF

  I donít know about the rest of the country, but here on the western slope of Colorado it sucks.........


 * Camp Life

 Our Editor answers a few of your questions on "carcass utilization".....


 * Artists Of The West

 The artists who first recorded the American West the most important were George Catlin, Karl Bodmer, and Alfred Jacob Miller.


 * Randy Helps Again

 A Few Hints for Your Next Speech !


 * Comparisons - Powder

 No matter whether your one that shoots for score in competition or just shooting for "blanket prizes" or just the fun of it this is great information.


 * Mike Got Books

 A good overview of the Western American Fur Trade.


 * Must Read

 This would effect each and every one of us. Please take the time to read this; it ought to scare the beejeebers out of you!


 * Blk Pdr Shtg - Part III

  Howdy goes over some basic principles of the sport of black powder shooting - Part III.


 * Elmer Has History

 A 17th & 18th century maritime route to the Cape of Good Hope & the Indian Ocean.


 * Finally Tells The Truth

 Cunningham confesses "I have never been more than a low average hand with a rifle".


 * Old Friend Has Joined

 Elmer Pope wrote for the CSMLA journal for many years. I have asked him to provide us some of his stories.


 * How To's

 Elmer Pope & Buck found some "how-to" articles to share.


 * Dates In Gun History

 Important Dates in Gun History.


 * NAF "Trade Room"

 The place to find those special items to complete your persona & fulfill those personal period needs.


 * History Sites

 A good source of organizations, historical sites, living history settlements, period magazines & web sites.


 * Suppliers

 Here's your reference location for those that supply your needs for this sport of living in our father's foot steps.


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