Jul/Aug 2010

Jan/Feb 2007

  1. NAF

  2. Camp Life

  3. Artists Of The West

  4. Randy Helps Again

  5. Comparisons

  6. Mike's Got Books

  7. Must Read

  8. Blk Pwdr - Part III

  9. Elmer Has History

  10. Finally - The Truth

  11. Old Friend - Joins

  12. How To's

  13. Dates - Gun History

  1. I donít know about the rest of the country, but here - western slope of CO it sucks.....
  2. Our Editor answers a few of your questions on "carcass utilization".....
  3. The artists of the American West - most important were Catlin, Bodmer, & Miller.
  4. A Few Hints for Your Next Speech !
  5. Shoots for score in competition or just shooting for "blanket prizes".
  6. A good overview of the Western American Fur Trade.
  7. This would effect each and every one of us.
  8. Basic principles of the sport of black powder shooting - Part III.
  9. A 17th & 18th century maritime route to the Cape of Good Hope & the Indian Ocean.
  10. Cunningham - "I have never been more than a low average hand with a rifle".
  11. Elmer Pope wrote for the CSMLA journal for years, asked him to provide his stories.
  12. Elmer Pope & Buck found some "how-to" articles to share.
  13. Important Dates in Gun History.