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Jul./Aug. '10


..Make these folks an offer. 


A pair white brain tanned ladies gauntlet gloves. 


  • Friends, I have some extra plunder that I would like to sell. (1) Hand forged lead ladle for use over an open fire. Original cost was over $25. (1) Mulford Lehi County fancy curly maple 45 cal long rifle. Original cost was over $$$$. Make me an offer.  olebjensen61@yahoo.com

 [no photo]

Camp Oven

  • After examining many so called “dutch ovens” the one pictured is the oldest one I've encountered. It can't be dated earlier than the last quarter of the 19th Century. Circa 1875, $175.00




Get your items listed for FREE by the North American Frontiersmen, sell your goods to folks that will put them to good use.

  Make me an offer. yourname@email.com


Hey folks we have room for your wares, just look at how the other ads have been worked along with a picture or two and a starting price you would consider. If its period lets get you some funds or make a trade  to get you what you really want. We all have mode changes in our persona makeup. Join the fun.

"Remember to treat others as thee wishes to be treated".

Benjamin Franklin

The items shown on this page with a picture, helps to sell your product - like they say "a picture is worth a 1000 words". The seller needs to sends to contact the editor about the wares wanting posted on the "Trade Room" page, send either a jpg., gif. file or picture to our him.  He will in turn place the description and picture on this page for those interested in buying or trading with the seller.  The your email address is shown to help you and your buyer make a deal in the transaction.

Buck Conner

“One who trades” English

“Uno qui én negocia" Spanish

Unqui commerceFrench


Good luck with your sale, trade, or swap and your purchases. Remember all are welcome, NAF members as well as non members. The best part this is FREE to everyone, we can all benefit from this service.



Classified Ads

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